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Boost your self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem with Amazing Coaching

Regardless of your reason for seeking out a Life or Confidence Coach, renowned coaching expert Lisa Phillips, now in UK, can help your personal development! As a life coach, Lisa can help you tap into your inner potential, while ensuring that you let go of negative behaviours and feel more content, confident and happy on the inside and out!

Motivational speaker and author

Lisa Phillips is a motivational speaker with international experience who specialises in empowerment for women and motivating and engaging employees in the workplace.  She appears regularly in UK media sharing her expertise and is the author of The Confidence Coach (Exile Publishing).

The Confidence Coach book

Amazing Coaching courses to build your self-confidence, resilience and self esteem

Lisa will not tie you into a long coaching course package and she works in a very flexible way so you get the most from your personal confidence and life coaching sessions. Each session is tailored to your own unique needs. Individuals can be coached in groups, face to face sessions or over Skype or telephone.

Offering leading edge and proven techniques as a life and confidence coach, she is able to assist you with a wide a variety of issues including:

  • Gaining understanding on why your life may not be working out the way you planned/imagined
  • Releasing old behavior patterns and habits easily without struggle
  • Increasing self-worth, self-esteem and confidence
  • Reducing feelings of depression, anxiety and fear
  • Gaining direction and clarity

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