Hi and welcome to Amazing Coaching. I’m so glad you’re here!
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Formally based in Sydney, Australia, I’m an award-winning confidence coach, inner child coach and life coach Northants. I have over 23 years’ international experience supporting people like you to feel worthy, good enough and be true to your authentic self.

Due to my life coaching expertise, my work appears regularly in the media. I am the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book. In 2020, I was the winner of the Midlands Enterprise award for ‘ Best Self Esteem and Confidence Programs‘ In 2022, in 2023 I won the Corporate Vision award for Leading Life Coach of the  Year.  

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Lisa is absolutely amazing! I love my life coaching sessions. She has really changed my mindset about a lot of things. I still have a way to go, but for the first time in my life, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Lisa!

Sam, Northamptonshire

Lisa is an engaging and personable life coach northants, who was exactly the right person to find at a time in my life when I needed direction and guidance on how to make the changes in my life. I discovered Lisa at a point where I was very confused, lost and unclear about what steps to take next in life. I felt I had no real control over the situations I was facing and felt like I was drowning in the inability to take any steps or make decisions. Lisa encouraged me to truly take control and shift the focus back on to me and what I wanted from my life, rather than remaining rooted in concern for others. She helped me to see situations in completely different ways and she challenged me to do things I was very unsure about doing. These challenges enabled me to break down self-imposed barriers, ideas and to act. Her humorous and thought provoking analogies really stayed with me from session to session and have reminded me how to stay on course. I’m very grateful to have met Lisa, the confidence I have achieved in my personal life and the actions I have taken through the sessions with her enabled me to look at aspects of myself I discarded or downplayed. In a few short weeks my life went from being in a very dark unmanageable place to being one where the future looks so much happier, manageable and exciting. Her extensive background in mental health, huge knowledge in various therapies and a mountain of tools armed ready to help – makes every session individually tailored, valuable and worthwhile. I felt truly seen and understood during my time working with her. I now know how to prioritise my own happiness and as a result, life feels easier and so much more content.

Helen Leicestershire

Amazing Coaching with AMAZING RESULTS! Lisa is an AMAZING Life coach and I can’t speak more highly of Lisa’s coaching expertise and the results she’s helped me achieve. I don’t know what it is in Lisa’s methods that were so very unique but after just one session I saw tangible positive changes in my life, things I simply didn’t think would ever be a reality for me. So if you’re considering a session with Lisa, give it go and watch your life unfold before you…. You won’t look back

Lynn, Australia

I currently have Lisa as my Personal Life Coach , it is the best decision I have made! Lisa is inspirational and is taking me from victim to victorious. The journey so far has been positive, and keeps getting better. Lisa is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring, and wants the best for the people she is working with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa if you are looking for someone who will stand beside you to help you improve your life. If I could give more than five stars I would.

Ruth, Sydney, Australia
Lisa is a powerhouse of amazingness! She lives and breathes principles of growth and success. Her own life is an inspiration to everyone she encounters. If you want to step further into your power, achieve more success or let go of the past she is a wise companion for the journey! A real personality that we can all relate to that has a real gift for steering people in the right direction!
Lysa, Brisbane, Australia