So many of us drag ourselves out of bed each morning.  We press the snooze button several times and often really have to motivate ourselves to get moving!   Ok, we all have our down days but what if this is your life EVERY morning?   If you wake up each day like this,   is it not a surprise when you whole day just feels like hard work and a struggle?

Negative Momentum

As soon as you open your eyes each morning,  you have an opportunity to choose which way your canoe goes.   Are you going to grumble and struggle ( Upstream) or are you going to start your day with some phrases for a positive morning – Downstream)    The choice is up to you. However, how you start each day will cause momentum.    You can choose negative momentum or positive momentum.   Positive momentum just requires a little focus from yourself and caring more about how you feel.

Phrases for a Positive Morning

Try these simple phrases to move your canoe downstream each day.    I recommend you give this a go for 30 days. The more you practice feeling good, the easier it will become to wake up positive each day.  This will then become your new improved point of attraction.

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good day today?
  2. I would like today to feel better than it has done
  3. I would feel so much better if things would work out well for me today
  4. Today is a new day, I would like it to be a good one!
  5. It would be great if I didn’t worry so much today, that would feel so much better
  6. Things are all going to work out today for my benefit.
  7. I am going to look for reasons to feel good today and I will find them
  8. I am going to leave yesterday in the past.  I have a good opportunity to start afresh today.
  9. Everything is going to work out for me today
  10. As I choose to think positively today, I am creating more things to feel positive about.

Northants Life Coach

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach.   She has won several international awards for her leading edge coaching techniques.   Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.

Lisa featured in the media as a TV Confidence Expert, please check out her show reel.