Most of us struggle with confidence at some point in our lives.  I certainty did!  I was absolutely not one of those people who was born with confidence!  I was bulled at school, in the workplace and also spent 7 years in a toxic relationship.

This weeks newsletter contains  10 Phrases to Boost Confidence.    These phrases are not about ‘ faking it until you make it’ or convincing yourself to feel more confident. This is not real authentic confidence and too much of a struggle for most of us!  We want to build inner confidence rather than pretending to be something we are not.

These 10 Phrases to boost confidence aim to assist you in releasing resistance from feelings such as lack of confidence or feeling hopeless about your confidence.  The more you repeat and feel the statements below, the more resistance will be released.    Make sure you feel these phrases in your body though – don’t just repeat them in your mind!  It is important that your head and body are in alignment.

This is actually the first step to building a strong confidence muscle as it helps us release old negative beliefs and programming.

10 Phrases to Boost Confidence

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if I felt more confident?
  2. I am really looking forward to being a more confident person
  3. Ok, I don’t feel very confident today, but tomorrow is a new day,
  4. I would like to start to believe that it is possible for me to feel more confident
  5. It is going to feel really great when I am a more confident person.
  6. Everyone has confidence,  mine has just had a hard time recently but it is still inside of me!
  7. I am excited and hopeful about increasing my level of confidence!
  8. I can do this, every day I like to think I am becoming a more confident person
  9. Building Confidence is going to much easier for me in the future,  It is not as difficult as I think it will be
  10. I may have lacked confidence in the past, but I can build up a strong confidence muscle.  I have achieved lots of things before and I can achieve this!

The Original Confidence Coach!

Lisa Phillips has assisting people all around the world with their confidence and self esteem for over 22 years.    She has won several awards for her Life Coaching techniques and is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   ( Exile 2015).

Previously based in Sydney, Australia,   her work as a TV Confidence Coach is regularly featured on radio and TV.

Now based in Corby, Northamptonshire,   Lisa continues to offer online Life Coaching sessions via Skype and Zoom.    She also provides face to face Coaching in her local Northants office.

Lisa is currently the Confidence and Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV. 

Please see Lisa’s website for more information.