Dealing with Bullies

Unfortunately, there are situations where you may find yourself dealing with bullies  such as at work or when dealing with a close member of your family.

In these cases, it is key to put a plan in place and look at what needs to happen in order for you to take your power back and feel safe and respected. Although this path may feel a little scary, remind yourself of what your life will be like if you choose to do nothing. Do you really think anything is likely to change if you don’t take action? Probably not, so just how long are you willing to put up with this situation?

Here are 10 tips to help Dealing with Bullies:

  • Do tell someone you trust what has been happening. this might be a colleague or supervisor at work (if it’s a work bullying situation) or a relative or friend (if it’s a family bullying situation). You may also want to speak with your doctor if you feel the situation is impacting your physical and/or mental wellbeing.
  • If it is workplace bullying, speak with another manager, the union or the human-resources department.  By law they should procedures in place for dealing with bullies.
  • Gain support or advice from a support service or government agency in your local area. support groups are available in most countries, so please do reach out for a trained counsellor if you need expert help.
  • If you feel it is necessary, document what is going on. Who was there? What happened? How did you feel? Writing things down can help you gain clarity and also leverage if you need to report or take further action against the bully.
    confidence with Bullies
  • Take some reflection time to get clear on what assertive conversation you would like to have. Write it down if it helps.
  • Build up your positive self-talk and mindset before you enter into any dialogue with the person concerned.
  • Consider taking a trusted friend or colleague with you for moral support when you speak to the person concerned.
  • Use assertive language and clearly describe the behaviour you see the bully exhibiting. Make sure you let them know how their behaviour is impacting you. (this is often a good option with family members.)
  • Always make your safety and well being a priority
  • Make your self care of prime importance at this time.  Nourish yourself daily and don’t blame yourself for what is going on.

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