Make 2020  the year you finally succeed by following my 4 tips for New Years Resolutions!

Each December,  people around the world are filled with motivation about setting new years resolutions.
They promise themselves that in the New Year they’ll start going to the gym, give up smoking, start saving money, become more confident or start a new career or business.

However, year after year people continue to fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, often by the time they reach Feb or March!

Research proves New Year Resolutions do not work!

Studies indicate that anywhere between 75 to 95% of people fail to achieve their new year resolutions.

A University of Bristol study in 2007 by Professor Richard Wiseman suggested that 88% of resolutions end in failure. While new research conducted by Weight Watchers, indicates a massive 82% per cent of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions within a few months and 11% gave up before we had even started!

The truth is that New Year’s resolutions fail is because people set resolutions about what they ‘should’ do, rather than what they really want to do.   

If you want to really achieve your New Year Resolutions you need to look at GAINING someone, rather than GIVING SOMETHING UP.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight in the new year,  rather than focussing on ‘giving up’ food to lose weight, you should look at gaining a great shape, a healthy body and feeling fabulous and proud of yourself!

Consistency is Key

Breaking bad habits can be easy – it just takes a little bit of time and trying something different. Consistency is the key. When working with my Life Coaching clients, most bad habits can be broken in 30 days – but it does take some inspiration and direction.  You also need to WANT to change the habit and focus on how good you will feel. It is important not to give up too easily as well, even if you have a ‘bad day’. It’s all part of the process of breaking a habit of old dominant emotions that may not serve you anymore.

Here are my 4 tips for New Years resolutions ( that work!):

1) Set yourself a strong desire, rather than a goal or new years resolution.  Make sure your desire for the New Year improvement  feels really good to you.  Focus on the Feeling of experiencing and living  your desire.  Spend a few minutes every week focussing on how good you will feel when you have achieved your desire.
2) Affirm to yourself daily ‘ I am willing to receive the manifestation of my desire – I allow it in easily’

3) Write your goal down and read it several times a week. It is important that your goal inspires you.  Don’t look for motivation, look for inspiration!

4) Sit in the emotion of ‘ ease’ rather than thinking you have to ‘achieve’ something.   Allow the manifestation of your desire to flow to you.  Expect it to be easy and it will be.  Expect to struggle and you will struggle!

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