Do you need a quick Confidence Boost?  I recently shared my quick 5 day Confidence Boost on my Amazing Coaching  Life Coaching Social media pages with great success.     This quick 5 day Confidence exercise has one simple confidence exercise to complete every day.   Remember, this work is not about ‘ faking it until you make it’ .   In order to have real authentic confidence from the inside out – it is about FEELING confident, not faking confidence!

Try my 5  day Confidence Boost:

Day 1 

Your simple task today is simply repeat one of these affirmations ‘ I am really looking forward to feeling more confident‘ or ‘ Wouldn’t it be nice if I felt more confident‘ When you have done this, please write down your chosen affirmation. It all helps to show you are ready to change!!!

Day 2

On DAY TWO OF THE 5 DAY CONFIDENCE BOOST – Today write down 2 reasons WHY you want to feel more Confident!

Day 3

Day 3 of the 5 Day Confidence Boost. Today, I would like you to FEEL how great it would be to be confident. Would you FEEL more relaxed, safe, in control of your emotions, ability to handle what life throws at you? Take a few minutes to FEEL in your body how good it would be to FEEL more confident.

Day 4
DAY 4 of the 5 DAY CONFIDENCE BOOST. Today, I would like you to spend a few minutes reassuring yourself ( and your inner child) that it is safe to change. Many of us fear becoming more confident or assertive as we worry what will happen. Try and reassure yourself with the following phrases ‘ It is ok, it is safe for me to feel good‘ ‘ I have got this, I am moving forward now’ or ‘ That was then, this is now and I would like to be more confident now‘.
Day 5
Day 5 of the 5 DAY CONFIDENCE EXERCISE. Today, just let go. You have asked for what you want ( more confidence) and now you need to let it come to you. NO FAKING IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT PLEASE! Today, just bask in the FEELING of confidence and tell yourself ‘ I am on the right path, things are unfolding for me, all is well‘ This is how we start real AUTHENTIC confidence – it is from the inside out. Only when you start to FEEL confident first, can you then BE more confident. Inner work FIRST!!!

Expert Wellness Guest Speaker and Life Coach

Lisa Phillips is a highly popular guest speaker.  Due to her highly relatable and fun style, she is also an enrichment speaker for several international cruise companies.    Lisa regularly runs wellness workshops for schools and private and public organisations across the UK.   She is also the lead trainer for the YMCA Trinity Group Mental Health in the Classroom initiatives.  Her expertise as a leading Life Coach is also heavily featured in both the Australian and UK Media.   Check out Lisa’s TV Presenting Show reel here.