Anxiety is on the increase.  In this weeks Amazing Coaching blog, I will share with you my top 5 tips to help anxiety.

In this fast past world and where social media gives us the opportunity to become more connected,  people are becoming less connected to their inner emotions, happiness  and sense of authentic self.  As a result, more people are now struggling with low self confidence and anxiety – even from a very early age.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an uncomfortable  feeling in your body.  It doesn’t feel good and it is an upstream emotion.  It often starts a worrying thought in the mind and the uncomfortable feeling quickly transfers to the body.

Our levels of anxiety and what personally causes us anxiety depends a lot upon our inner beliefs, self talk and fears for the future.   Anxiety can be a consistent emotion for may people and can negatively effect how people live their daily lives.    In the UK, more women are affected by anxiety than men, and the condition is more common in people from the ages of 35 to 59.

5 Tips to help Anxiety.

  1. As a Life Coach with over 20 years experience,  I assist a lot of people heal  uncomfortable emotions including anxiety.  One of the first steps to healing anxiety is recognising that it is a condition within us – and we can empower ourselves to do something about it.  Many of us blame our lifestyle, work, partner, money worries for our anxious feelings.  However,  it is impossible to avoid or remove everything from our life that makes us anxious or triggers anxious feelings.   Therefore, If we want to heal anxious feelings, the healing needs to start from the inside out.
  2. Healing anxiety is not about forcing yourself to face your fears.  Remember, your fears are 100% real for you.  Therefore, if you do force yourself to do things that are really uncomfortable for you, this will more than likely increase your anxiety.  This is like taking your anxiety upstream.
  3. In healing anxiety, a good place to start is learning to create safety in your own mind.  When working with my Life Coaching clients, it is evident that many anxious feelings come from a feeling that they don’t feel safe.  In addition, they fear something terrible may happen such as being laughed at, abandoned, penniless or alone.
  4. Many of our anxious feelings stem from childhood.  The inner child within us all is actually still feeling each and every fear as if it is happening right in this very moment.   Therefore, if you don’t heal the inner child first,  he or she may always keep you ‘ stuck’ in a position where you want to heal your anxiety, but your inner child is too scared to move forward.  This leads to people feeling frustrated and stuck.
  5. Learning to soothe your emotions downstream is an easy  and  nourishing way to gain relief from anxious emotions.   Most of us were not taught how to soothe ourselves but with a little practice it can be done and huge relief can be found from anxiety.

Award Winning Northamptonshire Life Coach

Lisa Phillips is an inspirational wellness speaker,  Life Coach and Confidence Coach based in Northamptonshire UK.  She is also the author of The Confidence Coach Book .   Her expertise as a Confidence expert appears regularly in the media .      Lisa is also a regulary enrichment speaker for several international cruise lines.

Lisa has over 20 years experience and won several international business awards for her work. She is based in Northamptonshire but works with clients all over the world on the telephone or online.   Don’t forget to check out her range of Online Life Coaching courses.

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