As the pandemic  increases around the world plus the time we are placed in lockdown,  it is really important to do the best you can to feel good during the coronavirus outbreak.    Prevention of mental health issues, anxiety and depression are key.

The media and other experts have lots of tips on feeling good during the Coronavirus.    However, I would like you to trust your own body, rather than the view of experts.

Listen to your Body

Your body really is the best GPS you will ever have.    Every one of us is unique, which is why it is important to listen to what your body needs right now, rather than listening to the view points of other people!  After all, they are not in your body!  What feels good for one person, may not feel good for you.   Honouring your emotions, listening to your body and deliberatly doing things to safeguard your own wellbeing is important.   It is good self care.

Here are my 5 Tips to Feel Good during the Coronavirus

  1. Take the time to tune into your own feelings.   Ask yourself, What do I need right now to feel a little better?  What would I like to know right now that would help me feel better?   For example,  if you are looking for reassurance, then take the time to reassure yourself.   Please don’t wait for the media or the government to reassure you – do yourself a huge favour and reassure yourself.   Reassure that inner child inside of you that everything is going to be ok.
  2. Limit your media time.    If you find that listening to the media, news and radio makes you feel worried, then listen to your body.  Recognise that bad news can impact your emotions and make you worry and stressed.  Limit the amount of time you feed your mind and body with negative information.
  3. Do something that makes you happy.    Ok, we all may not be able to visit friends or spend time outside but we can still find happiness in our own minds.    Write a list of 10 things that make you happy and do one every day.  Remember to tune into What makes you happy – rather than what makes other people happy! 
  4.  If you are feeling worried or scared,   take the time to focus your thoughts and soothe them!  Self soothing takes back the control of the ‘ monkey mind’ and worrying thoughts.   For more information on how to self soothe, check out my past blog here.
  5.  Be Lazy if you want too!   Don’t feel you have to be productive,  start an online course or keep yourself busy.  Give up the need to be perfect right now! Tune into your body.  Does it need rest?  If so give it rest!  Don’t feel guilty for being Lazy!  What ever you choose to do make it ok with you.   It is ok to be Lazy,  It is ok to be busy, it is ok – as long as it feels good to you then you are dong the best thing for you.

Yes, I am still open!

If you need some support and assistance, during the Coronavirus outbreak, I am still open and offering Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching via Skype, Telephone, Zoom and Face time.

30 minute ‘ Comfort’ Life Coaching sessions are also available.    Why not send me an email at or to find out how I can help you.

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