Overcome Self Doubt

Are you always second guessing yourself or looking for advice from other people? Do you find it difficult to make decisions for yourself or doubt that you’ve got what it takes to succeed? Do you often look for reassurance from friends and family or consult with them before making a decision?

So what is self doubt?

It is the voice of doom in your head! If you listen to it, it can cause you to doubt your abilities and may lead to you losing faith and trust in yourself.   The voice of self doubt tells you that you cannot trust your own decision making abilities and you have something to fear in making a decision.

To be fair, feeling a little bit of self doubt is  a very common response to life’s challenges. However, if not kept under control, it can lead to you feeling frustrated with yourself and unable to take a risk or try something new.

In fact, continued self-doubt really has a way of really getting under your skin and knocking your self confidence.

Negative Thinking and Self Doubt.

Negative thinking shows up strongly when you doubt yourself.  Your mind becomes filled with fears about making  a mistake or making a wrong decision. It can also show up as imposter syndrome where you feel like a fraud or fail to recognise and acknowledge your own successes.

The truth is that we repeat over 90% of our negative thoughts every day.  Therefore, it is no surprise that we keep on regurgitating the same old doubting thoughts each day, we are just going to keep experiencing more situations that cause us to doubt ourselves!

Five Tips to Overcome Self Doubt

  1. Accept it – it’s not a big deal!  A little bit of doubt is normal and everyone struggles with it at some time . The key is to not allow it to have an unhealthy influence in your life and hold you back.
  2. Remind yourself you can still achieve your goals and succeed even if you doubt yourself.  Instead of allowing self doubt to hold you back, hold its hand and keep on moving forward anyway. Remember that Self doubt is just the voice of your inner gremlin so don’t believe it when it tells you!
  3. Find words to encourage yourself – Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen? Self doubt comes from past criticism and discouragement
  4. Just do it! Don’t enter into an argument with your mind or let thoughts spin out of control. Keep avoiding tasks or putting them off, may feel even worse and beat yourself up.
  5. If things don’t work out, just make a decision to make another decision! Really ,there are no wrong decisions in life.

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