2108, 2019

Who would you Like to Be?

Each morning, we wake up as the same person.  We think the same thoughts, focus on the same problems and regurgitate the same emotions.   Over time, this program becomes our personality and our identity.  We just end up doing same things every day, and feeling the same emotions, day in, day out.  Nothing really changes. However, is this the person that you would like to be? Science shows, that by the time we reach 35 years [...]

907, 2019

How to Release Negative Thoughts

Experiencing negative thoughts is part of being human.   However, we do have a choice to how much we allow negative thoughts to impact our life. Many people believe that they have no control over the thoughts they think.   This is simply not true.  Negative thoughts are just habits of thinking that we have just got used to replaying over and over again.   Many of us are so used to thinking negatively, that we don't [...]

806, 2019

10 Confidence Tips for Introverts

Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you are an introvert, you can't be confident!   In this weeks newsletter, I will share my Confidence Tips for Introverts - tips that are just a little different than those for Extroverts. The difference between Introverts and Extroverts Introverts get their energy from the inside - rather than from the outside.  Introverts need solitude and alone time to feel energised from the inside out.  Extroverts however, get [...]

2605, 2019

Where does Confidence Come from?

Have you always wondered where your Confidence comes from?  Unfortunately, many of us are under the illusion that it comes from other people be it our partner, boss or parents. We blame Other People We often point the blame finger at others for ‘failing’ to instil in us the confidence we desire. In addition, we blame other people for our lack of self esteem.  The real truth is that you get your confidence from YOU, not from [...]