1602, 2020

Appreciating What You Have

I know life isn’t always a bed of roses but appreciating  what you have in your life and the attitude of gratefulness is an important skill. In truth, many of us focus our thoughts each day on what is wrong with our lives or what is broken.   We just regurgitate the same old thoughts every morning when we wake up.    However, when we do this, we just keep creating the same old feelings and the [...]

402, 2020

Your Personal Stream of Happiness

In my work as a Confidence Expert, Life Coach and Public speaker,  I often refer to what I personally call, your ‘Personal Stream of Happiness’. If you are familiar with my work, you will know I often refer to' Life as being like a canoe on a flowing stream'.   You alone are responsible for what direction you take your canoe each day.  It is your personal stream of happiness. You can decide to take your canoe [...]

2901, 2020

How to take better care of Yourself

The honest truth is that most of us don't know how to take better care of ourselves.   We have far more compassion and patience for strangers, our friends and our loved ones, than we do for our own self.  We compliment other people, admire their gifts and talents but how rarely do we say something nice about ourselves or pay ourselves a complement? We have got so used to being our own worst enemy that we [...]

2101, 2020

Writing Letters to your Inner Child

Writing letters to your inner child is extremely healing. Inside of us all is our own little wounded inner child.  It is the part of you that feels  hurt, trauma and pain from our childhood which has yet to be healed.   We may try to justify our hurt as we get older using our minds, but this will not heal the inner child.    There is no point trying to make changes or feeling positive in [...]

1401, 2020

Harry and Meghan

Unless you are blissfully unaware of the media,  you will no doubt have heard the news about Harry and Meghan. I must be honest,  I avoid the mainstream news as much as possible, but this latest news about the Royal Couple really peaked my interest.   Well, other peoples reactions to it anyway. I find peoples reactions fascinating to the news that Harry and Meghan wish to turn their backs on Royal Duties, take responsibility for their [...]