3103, 2019

First Cruise of 2019!

Those of you who follow the blog or get the Newsletter of Northamptonshire Life Coach Lisa Phillips, will know that she is an Enrichment Cruise Speaker.    This means that Lisa's gets to travel around the world speaking on her favourite topics on cruise ships!

2103, 2019

Are you Regurgitating your Life?

Are you a regurgitator?  Do you just carry over every years disappointments,  anger, upsets into yet another year?   Do you just replaying the same old feelings, circumstances and experiences over and over again? Wouldn’t you prefer to stop regurgitating your old life and stop experiencing the same old hurts, negative emotions  and disappointments over and over again?

2802, 2019

Are you seeking Approval from Other People?

Many of us didn't get the love and approval we so deserved during our childhood years. As a result, we continue seeking approval from other people as an adult, be it in our relationships, friendship or career.

2402, 2019

Free Access to The Love Destination for 30 days

The mission of The Love Destination is to  conquer loneliness and disconnection, inspiring and empowering women through everything love. It is dedicated to improving the lives of women and supporting aligned charities worldwide.