2504, 2019

Who does a Life Coach Help?

Good question! If you have always wondered who a Life Coach helps than today, I have the simple answers for you! Who Benefits from having a Life Coach? Anyone and everyone!  It doesn't matter what your age or background is,  you can benefit from having a Life Coach.  Think of it like a personal trainer for your mind, emotions, relationships, career, finances and much much more. What do you talk about in your Northamptonshire Life Coaching sessions? [...]

2304, 2019

5 tips to stop Worrying

Own up - are you one of those people who lie in bed worrying about all the things that could go wrong?  If so, this newsletter on ' 5 Tips to stop worrying' is for you! Why do we Worry? The degree in which we worry has a lot to do with the family we grew up in and whether we picked up the art of being a worry wart at an early age.   Some of [...]

3103, 2019

First Cruise of 2019!

Those of you who follow the blog or get the Newsletter of Northamptonshire Life Coach Lisa Phillips, will know that she is an Enrichment Cruise Speaker.    This means that Lisa's gets to travel around the world speaking on her favourite topics on cruise ships!