As Lisa Phillips, the founder of Amazing Coaching was featured in the media in Women Magazine.  Lisa’s expertise as a Leading Life Coach and Confidence expert is regularly featured in the media.  However, on this occasion, the article was on the topic of Lisa’s friendship with Kirstie Ralph.

Unusual Friendships

The article, featured in the March edition of Women magazine was titled ‘ Our Friendships shouldn’t work….but they do’    The article focussed upon women who embrace unconventional friendships.  According to the article, the friendship is unusual due to the age difference.   Lisa  is 50 years old, whereas her close friend Kirstie is just 29 years old.

Despite the age gap,  Lisa acknowledged  ‘ I don’t usually give our ages a second thought’ and loves spending time wit her younger friend!

Age Gap Friends

Lisa Phillips met Kirstie while living in Sydney, Australia.    It was at this time 22 years ago that she founded

Kirstie was backpacking around Australia at the time and she placed an advert on a local website looking for some extra cash.  As Lisa was looking for a cleaner at the time, so engaged Kirstie to help!

This random meeting led to an amazing friendship.  Kirstie ended up moving in with  with Lisa and they became best of friends and flat mates!

Back in the UK

Now residing back in the UK,  Kirstie and Lisa continue to meet each other regularly.  Travelling together at least once a year with Kirstie recently accompanying Lisa on a cruise trip where she was guest speaker.

Lisa Phillips, Award Winning Life Coach and Confidence expert

Now based in Corby, Northamptonshire,   Lisa Phillips has over 22 years international experience.  The  author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book,   Lisa has won several international awards for her leading edge coaching techniques.

She is also a trained Counsellor ( Australia),  Workplace Coach,  Inner Child Coach and career coach.   Lisa is the current Confidence Coaching expert on The Love Destination.

To discover more about how Lisa can support you,  please contact her for a no-obligation chat.