I spent a wonderful hour on the sofa with award winning Hay House Author Dawn Breslin.  We had such a lovely conversation talking about life during the Coronavirus outbreak!

For those of you who are not familiar with Dawn’s work,  she is an award winning Hay House Author, TV Presenter and media consultant.   For more information on her work, please see www.dawnbreslin.com.

I’ve been lucky to interview Dawn before for my ‘ Spiritual and Irritable’ radio show over 20 years ago so it was wonderful to spend time with her again.

An Interview with Dawn Breslin

In an inspirational hour on the coach,  Dawn and I discussed:

  1. How to practice Self Care during the Coronavirus outbreak
  2. Living in flow
  3. The importance of nourishing, rather than neglecting yourself.
  4. The Joy of tuning into your natural rhythms of life
  5. Finding inner peace in these strange times.
  6. Feeling guilty for feeling good!

Here is the full video interview with Dawn Breslin

The Coronavirus Outbreak and Your Emotions

Despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus,  many of us have been given the opportunity to rest, tap into our inner selves and re- discover our happiness preferences.

I am also seeing increased kindness, compassion and love being spread around the world.   This includes neighbours supporting each other,  the elderly being given more love and attention and new friendships being formed.

Award Winning Life Coach and TV Confidence expert Lisa Phillips

With over 22 years international experience, Lisa Phillips is the founder of Amazing Coaching.  Previously based in Sydney, Australia,  her work is regularly featured in the media.   Lisa is also a cruise ship speaker for several international cruise lines and the Confidence Coaching expert on The Love Destination.

While living in Australia, Lisa wrote her book ‘ The Confidence Coach‘  Now based in Corby, Northamptonshire, she offers face to face coaching and online coaching sessions.

The leading Life Coach has been awarded several international awards for transformational confidence coaching techniques.

Please check out her Life Coaching testimonials.

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