I know life isn’t always a bed of roses but appreciating  what you have in your life and the attitude of gratefulness is an important skill.

In truth, many of us focus our thoughts each day on what is wrong with our lives or what is broken.   We just regurgitate the same old thoughts every morning when we wake up.    However, when we do this, we just keep creating the same old feelings and the same old outcomes, day in, day out.  This then becomes our identity and our reality.

Our Repetitive Negative Thoughts

Science shows that we repeat over 90% of the same thoughts each day.  Think about it, what do you think about every morning when you wake up?  Your worries, what you have to do during the day,  or the people you still resent all these years later?

When we are not feeling at our best, it can be difficult to feel positive – particularly if life isn’t going according to your own  plan!  However, in appreciating what you have, and practising an attitude of gratitude, you train your mind to focus on the good things in life.   Also, when doing this continually for a short amount of time,  you will start to attract more positive things into your life.   Remember, your feelings act like a magnet so the more you practice appreciation in your life,  the more you will attract things to appreciate!

The Art of Appreciation or Gratefulness.

Try to set aside some time out to be grateful each day. This could be just as you wake in the morning, last thing at night or when you are doing the washing up!

You could even start a gratitude or ‘ Things to appreciate’ journal. When you start this process, it may take a little focus but be gentle with yourself and practice daily if you can.

Here are a few ideas to be grateful of:
1) A roof over your head
2) Food in the kitchen
3) Family and friends
4) Your sense of humour
5) Your shoes and clothes
6) Clean water to drink
7) Yourself (Very important!)
8) Your health.

Appreciation and gratitude are known as high vibrational emotions.   Therefore, the more you practice feeling grateful, the better you will feel.

In addition, you will also invite more of what you are grateful for into your life.

I remember when I first started confidence coaching, I used to sit in appreciation each day feeling grateful for the wonderful clients I was receiving. The good news is by doing this, the universe just created more wonderful clients for me! So take a good look at your life and focus on what feels good, as when you appreciate what you already have, you will end up attracting more of it into your life.

TV Confidence Expert and Life Coach

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach, TV Confidence Expert and Wellness Speaker.   Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.    Why not check out her Life Coaching Testimonials or Contact her for a no obligation chat?

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