Despite lockdown easing, many of us are still feeling bored with life.   In this weeks Amazingcoaching newsletter, I thought I would explore why so many of us feel bored with life and in addition, what can be done about it.

Why we feel bored with Life

I love this quote by Paulo Coelho

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.

A key reason why many of us feel bored is we are not following our heart’s desire.   Every single one of us has a gift or passion.  As a result, when we ‘shove this down’ ignore it or pretend it isn’t important,   we are not following our heart.  As a result, this often leads to a feeling of yearning or wishing that life was just different in some way.

We are meant to feel good

The more we suppress our real self,  the less satisfied we are with life.   Our real self is the authentic you.  Furthermore, if this real self loves adventure, meeting new people and travel,  you are always going to feel bored if you are sitting behind a desk all day on your own.

Above all, when this happens, you have neglected  your authentic self and this will never feel good to you.

What does your authentic self like to do?

What makes you happy? When does your heart smile?   For instance, think about when you were a small child, what activities did you enjoy?  How was your life  downstream?    This is the real you.

Just take a few minutes to write a list of what makes you happy ( and do one thing from the list every day).

Lack of Freedom

Freedom is one of our highest emotional needs.   This can mean different things to different people.   For example, to some freedom is the freedom of no responsibilities, to others is is just the freedom to say and how how they want without fear.    In conclusion, if we don’t feel free,  we can end up feeling bored with life.   Life  just feels like a struggle. 

What to do when you are feeling bored with life:

  1. Be honest with yourself.    Is there something you know you want to do but you keep putting it off?  What do you need to do to make life meaningful for you?  Look at the list of things you liked to do as a small child and incorporate some of these things into your life.  ( Make time for them, don’t just find time)
  2. Find satisfaction in doing stuff.    It doesn’t matter what it is, get out and do something.   Even better – do something from your list of things that make you happy!
  3. Organise something in the future that excites you.    Again, everyone is different  Make a plan in your diary to do anything that makes YOU feel good.   ( Not just something that makes someone else feel good!)
  4.  Learn something new or a new skill.     Discover something that interests you.   When we are interested, we are not bored.
  5. Look for a new job or a career.   If your career that is making you bored now, how are you going to feel in five years time if you are still doing the same thing?

Re-igniting your passion in life.

One of the first steps I take my new personal coaching clients through is discovering that their ‘ downstream’ in life is.   Our downstream represents the things in life that are important for you to feel in order to live your authentic life.  I must admit, I love  seeing my clients face light up as they discover what it is that makes them feel really alive and authentic!

Personal Coaching in Northamptonshire.

If you are feeling bored with life or feeling stuck in anyway,  I can help you.   With over 22 years professional Life Coaching experience,  I am an award winning expert in supporting my clients to live their authentic life.   Why not check out my Life Coaching or Confidence Coaching packages today and contact me for a no-obligation chat?