I am the author of The Confidence Coach which was was published by Exile Publishing in 2015. My aim in writing this book was to assist readers to improve their confidence in their career, relationships and in their personal lives. The Confidence Coach book includes lots of case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of my techniques which are suitable for anyone of any age! Each chapter also includes top tips as an easy references for later use, as well as practical exercises to help readers identify their fears and move past them. The Confidence Coach has received excellent book reviews and also been endorsed by several international self-esteem initiatives.

Many of the insights in this book are also shared in my videos on The Love Destination TV.

Author of The Confidence Coach book


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The Confidence Coach is really like having your own personal coach encouraging you and guiding you toward greater self-confidence. In an easy-to-read format. Author Lisa presents a step-by-step process that has proven successful for many, many people. She presents powerful action steps to help you with such confidence-robbing issues as negative self-talk and worrying about what other people think. One of her most powerful strategies is to help people to be kinder and more accepting of themselves.

Beverly Engel, Psychotherapist and Bestselling Self-Help Author

Lisa offers an easy to read and practical guide to help you learn how to flex your ‘confidence muscle’. She clearly shows you how to navigate difficult situations, feel better about yourself and be a confident and assertive person. Lisa is a trusted authority in the field of confidence and personal empowerment and I’m so delighted she has written this book so even more people have access to her knowledge and toolkit of resources. Lisa will inspire you to feel better about yourself with her excellent guidance in this lighthearted and reader friendly resource.

Stacey Ashley, PCC Coach at ICF Australia

The Confidence Coach presents a prescription for increasing confidence with doses that go down easy. It asks the questions you may wish you’d asked yourself. Don’t miss out on discovering your answers!

Patricia Evans, Author

To understand other people, we need to understand ourselves. Lisa – having trained under the world’s leading self-development experts – has remarkable insight into human nature and how we can become masters of our own destinies. Under Lisa’s umbrella are presented many aspects of mind, including negativity, worrying, safe personal boundaries, developing confidence in ourselves, in public speaking, in relationships and in our career, and, above all, taking back our own power.

Roger French, Director and Editor of Natural Health Society of Australia

The Confidence Coach is the perfect companion for anyone who wishes to increase their confidence levels easily from the inside out, without struggle. Not only does this book include simple and practical ways to feel good, but it also supports the reader to understand what may have be holding them back in the past from being a confident person. Lisa has an approach to confidence which is leading edge and I know from personal experience that it works! I have had the opportunity to see her work with people personally and was blown away by her expertise and passion in the field of confidence building.

Dani Pola, Founder of ‘The Self-Esteem Team’

Thanks to Lisa Phillip’s wisdom and the examples that live among the pages of her book, you will begin to see a wonderful glimmer of growth, confidence and fulfilment. You will want to pass this gem on to your friends, clients and family. I’m excited to see how this important writing will change your life!

Dianne Schwartz, Author of ‘Whose Face Is in the Mirror?’