Being Seen Meditation

1) Visualise your inner child standing at the edge of a big field or sports stadium.

2) At the side of the field, there is a big sheep pen.

3) Tell your inner child that this is where all the people who have hurt you, told you things that are not true, judged you or impacted you in a negative way.   (you can be more specific in these could be the people who said you were not attractive, not worthy, programmed you with a spam negative belief).

4) Allow your inner child to put all these people together in the sheep pen and lock them in.

5) Ask your inner child to look over to the distance where you can see a big line of people coming into the field.  You can see them all lining up, 50, 100, 200 people……. Let your inner child watch the field becoming filled with lots of different people.

6) See the faces of all these people looking at your inner child.  They are all smiling at her.  There eyes are filled with love and this love is all being directed towards your inner child.   Feel all those eyes of love.  They really see her and understand her.

7) Listen as all the people look at her.  They look so happy to see her.   They start to talk to your inner child.     They tell her (note more assistance will be given during your coaching session)

  • How happy they are to see her, that they have been waiting for ages for her to join them.
  • That she belongs with them. They so want her; they have chosen her and they can’t wait to spend time with her.    Feel how nice these feelings FEEL in your body.
  • Keep listening as the group tell her how beautiful she is and they are going to take care of her now.
  • Let the group tell your inner child what she has always wanted to hear from other people.
  • Let all the loving words soak into your heart.

8)  Let your inner child walk into the group and stay where she belongs.

Repeat as and when!

Note – This meditation is very useful when working with the inner child to change her view of herself or how other people view her.

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