How are you being seen?   In my Life Coaching business,  It is not uncommon for clients to come to me in the same week with the same underlying issue.  This is the law of attraction at work and often is highlighting something within my self that needs healing.

Over the past few weeks, the topic of ‘ Being Seen’ by other people has come up many times.

What is Being Seen?

When we are growing up,   we pay attention  how we perceive people view us and act towards us.   For example,  as a child, if you often felt one of your parents viewed you as lazy, stupid or ugly,  then as an adult, you will assume everybody views you as lazy, stupid or ugly!     Or, lets say you felt a parent always looked at you through eyes of disdain,  you will expect that this is the way everyone looks at you.

This belief of how other people see you will carry on to adult years unless it is healed.   You will go through life assuming that everyone looks at you and views you in the same way.

The law of attraction will also kick in.  Therefore, if you believe people look at you through eyes of disdain and disgust, the law of attraction will just bring you more people to support this belief.    Remember, we get what we expect.

The Truth

Although it may be true that in your early years, you felt people viewed you in a certain way,  you can now choose to expect other people to view you through eyes of love.   Imagine how different your world would be if you could expect everyone you meet to view you through a more accurate , kind and loving lens?

Imagine how great it would feel to expect people to look at you through eyes of approval, choosing you, wanting to help you, wanting to support you and really liking what they see in you?

In my coaching sessions,  I use a very simple meditation using inner child therapy to help people tune into this truth.

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