As we become more self aware of our behaviours, our programming and our negative beliefs, it is easy to start blaming the past for our current troubles.

This could including blaming our family or bosses for our unhappy lives,  holding our parents responsible for our negative programming or blaming our lack of trust on a partner who betrayed us.

Blaming Your Past

I have no doubt that for many of us, our past has not been the best.  Sadly, many of us failed to  receive the love and approval we deserved in our childhoods or have been programmed with hurtful negative beliefs.   It is also fair to say that many of us have suffered at the hands of people around us and have been hurt, abused and betrayed.

However, blaming your past, will not help you move forward.   You see, every time we focus on the past, the following happens:

  1. We literally take our body and mind back into the moment we were initially hurt.  It is like we keep reliving the same old hurtful past again and again.
  2. We get stuck blaming others, and are unable to move forward.

Letting the Past go

Unless we acknowledge, validate and accept the past,  we won’t be able to create a new future.  We are literally tied to those past experiences and pains.   This doesn’t mean you need to forgive other people, but it does mean that you learn to accept what has happened and release yourself from these toxic experiences.

In my Northamptonshire Life Coaching practice, I use several transformational methods to help my Coaching clients let go of the hurt and pain from the past.   This can include:

  1. Re- parenting therapy
  2. Unpacking negative beliefs so we don’t continue to attract the same experiences
  3.  Creating a new authentic future.

Creating an Authentic Future.

One of the easiest ways to let go of the past and stop blaming other people, is to create a future that inspires you to move away from the past, and into the future you have always wanted.   I often cover this process in the first Life Coaching session.    Creating an future that inspires and delights you, will move your negative emotions forward, rather than backwards.

Life Coaching in Northamptonshire

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The award winning Life Coach has over 20 years experience. She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.  Find out more about Lisa’s work by reading her Life Coaching testimonials.

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