2802, 2019

Are you seeking Approval from Other People?

Many of us didn't get the love and approval we so deserved during our childhood years. As a result, we continue seeking approval from other people as an adult, be it in our relationships, friendship or career.

2402, 2019

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The mission of The Love Destination is to  conquer loneliness and disconnection, inspiring and empowering women through everything love. It is dedicated to improving the lives of women and supporting aligned charities worldwide.

1402, 2019

Assertiveness Phrases

Assertiveness is an empowered communication style that allows you to clearly and confidently state how you want people to treat you! It also assists you in honouring your own needs and standing up for what is important to you . Being assertive also allows you to act in your own best interests ( instead of someone's else's best interests) and express your rights as a human being. It is also a sign of self respect and self care.

2301, 2019

Comparing Yourself to Other People

Instead of beating yourself up and comparing yourself to other people, how great would it feel if you just decided to give the other person permission to look amazing awhile authentically honouring your own unique attractiveness? How much better would it feel if you just reminded yourself that everyone is different and just because you feel someone else looks amazing, this is not a reason to de- value yourself or label yourself as being 'less attractive' than them!