I was delighted to run a one hour webinar yesterday for the Afghan and Central Asian association based in London.

My workshop ‘ Building Confidence in Vulnerable Communities  ‘ was part of the  shared values project. This project is designed to help women from the Afghan community counter hatred and intolerance in their lives.

The ACAA was founded by Dr. Noorallhaq in 2000, after he arrived in the UK as a refugee fleeing the Taliban.  It was through his personal experiences that he established this community organisation that supports asylum seekers, refugees and all vulnerable people from Afghanistan and Central Asia

The ACAA provides a wide range of services to vulnerable people. These include mental health support, women’s workshops and children’s educational classes.

Building Confidence in Vulnerable Communities

Assisting vulnerable people is extremely important to me.   In the past, I have worked with kids at risk and have facilitated several large projects for the homeless community.  Therefore, I was delighted to be asked to be a Guest speaker for this courageous group of women. Having an interpreter was a new experience for me as well!

This webinar highlighted 10 ways the community could increase their confidence.  This included how to have the confidence to speak English in public and also having the confidence to  broach, challenge, and discuss potentially sensitive topics (such as intolerant or extreme views) with their families and children.

The webinar was also live streamed on the ACAA Facebook page.

One thing that I love when running workshops is giving the participants the opportunity to say something they like about themselves!  Many of us find this so difficult! ( However, we can easily say all the things we don’t like about ourselves!).  This webinar was no different but it was so heart-warming to hear the group give themselves some well deserved praise and focus on the things they liked about themselves for a few minutes!

Confidence Guest Speaker

I truly love being a guest speaker and have so missed getting out and about speaking with audiences this year due to Covid 19.     There have been no cruises this year either so I haven’t been able to work as usual as cruise ship speaker. 

However, I have really enjoyed running virtual workshops and webinars as love working with a live audience.

I offer a wide range of staff wellbeing workshops and can also tailor a workshop to your specific needs.

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