What can I do if I lack Confidence?

What can I do if I lack Confidence?

What can I do if I lack Confidence?

If only I had a pound for everyone who came to see me for coaching and said ‘ What can I do if I lack Confidence?’

My answer is always the same.    Stop talking about  your lack of confidence and Stop thinking about your lack of Confidence!

Sounds simple eh?  Actually, it is the first thing you must do if you are looking for the answer to the question ‘ What can I do if I lack Confidence?’

You see, your mind is so powerful.  Whatever  you continue to believe, you will continue to experience.  So, if you have been believing that you lack confidence for many years, or if you chat to your friends of family about your lack of confidence – you will just create more of the lack of confidence!    Also, if you just keep wishing that you had more confidence – guess what, you will always just be wishing that you had more confidence!

So….what can I do if I lack confidence?

Every topic, including confidence has two ends of a stick.   So, you can either continue to focus on the lack of confidence your life, or you can choose to pick up the other end of the stuck and focus on building confidence.

Where to start

Start with your thoughts.  For the next few weeks, start to train your mind towards building confidence.  This is as simple as finding a few soothing words that give you relief from your lack of confidence

Try these simple phrases to stop asking ‘ what can I do if I lack confidence’

  • I would like to think it is possible for me to increase my confidence
  • It is getting easier for me to build confidence
  • I am really looking forward to feeling more confident

This simple change of focus will have your thoughts building momentum into confidence, rather than the lack of it.

It is a great place to start.

Northants based Lisa Phillips is an authority on all things confidence and self esteem related. Her work regulary features on TV.  Lisa also is a popular motivational speaker and the author of The Confidence Coach Book.









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