The art of allowing

How much goodness do you Expect for yourself?

The Art of Allowing Most of us have dreams or make plans for what we want in life.  However, how good are you at the art of allowing? If you are a fan of the Law of Attraction then you have probably tried visualisation techniques, goal setting goals and using positive thinking or affirmations. However, it is all very well to ASK for what you want, but are you really allowing it in?  How much good do you expect for yourself?  How [...]

A brand new you each morning

A Brand New You Each and Every Day

A Brand New You Each Morning  Every Morning when you wake up, not only is it a new day, but it is also a brand new you each morning.  Although you may look exactly the same on the outside – your point of attraction or vibration, is in a new ‘set point’ ready for you to attract what you want (or what you don’t want!) Many of us know about the Law of Attraction and the fact ‘that which is [...]

Life Coach

Let It GO!

 Let it go! Go on – Let it go! So many of us are still carrying painful hurts, resentments and pain from years ago – some of us even decades ago! We regurgitate these past hurts to anyone who will listen, using our past as an excuse for the way we are now, our beliefs and our behavior. We defend our past pains, justify them as a reason for our existence, and blame other people around us for our current situation. We use [...]


Why do you tolerate Negative Emotions?

Why do you tolerate negative emotions?  Is feeling ‘ just ok’ your dominant emotion or is your life filled with  happiness, joy and excitement? Be honest with yourself – Does your life feel really good to you? Like many of us, probably not! Maybe your grab a few minutes of feeling fabulous occasionally but is your life more on auto pilot and you just got used to feeling negative emotions on a daily basis or putting up with stuff that doesn’t [...]


Real Inner Confidence?

 Inner confidence? As a Northamptonshire Life and Confidence Coach with over 17 years’ experience, this is a question I am asked frequently by my Life Coaching clients!  Unfortunately, many of us are under the impression that real inner confidence is about being an extrovert, the life and soul of the party or that person that always seems comfortable being assertive, regardless of the circumstances. However, for me, real inner confidence is finding your own personal confidence preferences and it can mean different things to different people.  [...]


Do you experience Shortage Consciousness?

Do experience Shortage consciousness or lack? By this I mean, do you believe there is never enough for you or believe that you have to work hard to gain ‘your share’ of money, clients, love or material possessions? If so, you are not alone and shortage consciousness is a topic I regular speak about as a keynote speaker or as a  Life and Confidence Coach. Shortage Consciousness is about your ability to perceive or expect an ongoing flow of wellbeing or [...]


Confident in Your Career

A Confident Career ‘How to have a Confident Career’ is a topic that I am regularly asked to speak on at Workplace Professional Development Days, or Safety, Health and Wellbeing Days. It is a popular topic, and one also that my UK and Australian coaching clients often admit they are struggling with.  I also have an online training module on this very topic of Career Confidence. There is a lot written on books and on the internet about Confident careers, Confidence in the Workplace and [...]