I was totally stuck; stuck in a job which made me miserable and depressed. Lisa helped me find some light in a very dark time and now I feel like a different person. I even feel like I have strategies that I can adopt in future so that I know if I am off track . Thank-you Lisa! You have truly changed my life – Maxine, London

Lisa is absolutely amazing I love my life coaching sessions she has really changed my mindset about a lot of things – I still have a way to go but for the first time in my life I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Highly recommend Lisa!!

Sam, Northamptonshire
Lisa is truly amazing in her approach to rewiring your thought patterns. After meeting her I feel like a new person. Anyone who is struggling must arrange to see her you will not be disappointed ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ thank you Lisa.
Dean – Corby, Northants
Amazing Coaching with AMAZING RESULTS! Lisa is an AMAZING coach and I can’t speak more highly of Lisa’s coaching expertise and the results she’s helped me achieve. I don’t know what it is in Lisa’s methods that were so very unique but after just one session I saw tangible positive changes in my life, things I simply didn’t think would ever be a reality for me. So if you’re considering a session with Lisa, give it go and watch your life unfold before you…. You won’t look back
Lynn, Australia

I currently have Lisa as my Personal Life Coach , it is the best decision I have made!  Lisa is inspirational and is taking me from victim to victorious. The journey so far has been positive, and keeps getting better. Lisa is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring, and wants the best for the people she is working with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa if you are looking for someone who will stand beside you to help you improve your life. If I could give more than five stars I would.

Ruth, Sydney, Australia
I currently have Lisa as my life coach, it is the best decision I have made. Lisa is inspirational and is taking me from victim to victorious. The journey so far has been positive, and keeps getting better. Lisa is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring, and wants the best for the people she is working with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa if you are looking for someone who will stand beside you to help you improve your life. If I could give more than five stars I would.
Ruth, Sydney, Australia
Lisa is a powerhouse of amazingness! She lives and breathes principles of growth and success. Her own life is an inspiration to everyone she encounters. If you want to step further into your power, achieve more success or let go of the past she is a wise companion for the journey! A real personality that we can all relate to that has a real gift for steering people in the right direction!
Lysa Black, Heart Coach at Heart Magic Ltd
We first approached Lisa about a year ago as our teenage daughter was progressing towards National level selections in her chosen sport.
We felt she would benefit from some professional assistance with self confidence and perspective on how to deal with upcoming selections given the pressures, expectations and competition within her peer group, for a 14 yr old (coupled with everyday teenage angst and school life) were potentially reaching levels beyond the norms for such a young person.

Our daughter immediately struck up a strong rapport with Lisa and found the coaching sessions really positive and hugely helpful . She has been able to discuss directly with Lisa how she is feeling in general, in all parts of her life, and think about how to maximise her sporting opportunity and performance, using various strategies and thought processes, in upcoming important matches or selection days. As a result, many of her worries have been successfully resolved, and strategies for dealing with peers and the pressures to perform and impress coaches and selectors during selection sessions have absolutely worked to her advantage.

Our daughter has reached out to Lisa at every stage of this year of stepped selections, and gone into each of those matches far more confident and focussed on achieving her ultimate goal. As a parent it has been a fantastic support seeing our daughter grow in self confidence and becoming more resilient and robust generally, not only on the sports field, but in general life too.

In recent weeks our daughter got the call up email confirming she has indeed made the U16s National Squad, which she is beyond thrilled about.

Lisa’s involvement and support in our daughter’s progress is invaluable, certainly in todays world, where the pressures on young people are often overwhelming, and will continue as she enters the next phases of this sporting journey, as the really hard work continues!

Kate and James, Leicestershire
I contacted Lisa after being fed up of feeling negative and having lack of confidence socially and within a relationship. I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first session and wondered if it would make any difference. After 5 sessions, I can honestly say I feel like a new person, I see everything completely different, I feel so much happier and confident about any situation I’m faced with. I will still keep in contact with Lisa and see her still just not as frequently, I also read her book which is great. Lisa has changed my life and I can’t thank her enough
Kimberleigh Northamptonshire
I first contacted Lisa to help with my confidence issues in the workplace. I was aware that my lack of confidence was holding me back and I needed to understand the root cause of my feelings in order to progress in my career. Lisa helped me by unpick and unravel the reasons for my responses to work situations and gave me practical advice and guidance to help me change my thought processes and begin to build confidence and realise my potential. I am able to check in with Lisa when needed as different situations arise and she is always on hand to assist. She is highly skilled in this area and very easy to talk to and work with. Lisa is also super flexible in fitting in my sessions around work and the family. I would recommend Lisa without any hesitation.
Eleanor, Marketing Professional
Lisa has such unmatched enthusiasm and energy, simply talking to her lifted my spirits. She is extremely knowledgeable, and so easy to talk to – it’s easy to see why she had national success in Australia, and I have no doubt she will replicate that here in the UK!!
Aaron Parry, Northamptonshire
I met Lisa in Corby & would highly recommend her coaching to everyone. She is a fabulous lady with such a great energy. She has a wonderful way of being able to relate to and connect with others of all ages & makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Lisa really helped me to see a lot of things from a different (more balanced & realistic) point of view which leads to much more acceptance & positivity. I definitely find Lisa’s coaching very beneficial. Thank you.
Ashleigh Marshall, Northamptonshire
Lisa has had a profound effect on my life. When I first saw Lisa I was a stressed out executive really struggling to keep it together in my corporate role. Lisa helped me create a vision of what I wanted out of my working life and set me on the journey of achieving it. Lisa helped me realise that you can achieve whatever you want to and supported me to move in that direction – thank you Lisa, you are truly AMAZING xxx
Tara Paige
My colleagues and I would like to thank you for taking the time to present the 1 hour Self Esteem/Confidence Work Shop to us.
We all found it attention-grabbing and a refreshing change to some of the confidence courses we have had in the past.
The content was valid to both my colleagues and our clients who participated in the event and the feedback has been extremely positive.
You have got us all thinking about our weaknesses and strengths and which way down the stream we are going!
Corby Job Centre DWP
Having suffered with depression for the past 40 years and having seen countless doctors, counsellors, psychologist s, mental health centres and self-help readings, I decided I needed to engage a Life Coach. Lisa Phillips came to me (through Internet searching) and I engaged her services that had an immediate effect on me and my teenage son as we undertook confidence practice together. Twelve 12 months on my guiding path is the skills I learnt with Lisa.

Lisa helped me to find `me’ and in turn, helped those who I love.

Adrian, NSW

I thought Life Coaching  would be a slightly scary experience that would really push me out of my comfort zone.  My personal Life Coaching sessions with Lisa are so much fun and I am  finding I’m the one pushing forward saying more! more!

Lisa draws on her own experiences to connect with me on levels not easily reached, teaching me how to live life with verve, passion and direction. I look forward to our sessions which are always injected with laughter, wisdom and love.
Marie Cawood
….I think the most important thing I have learnt from my coaching with Lisa, is that I’m an ‘all right’ person,… no actually I’m a fantastic person and I now believe in myself and my ability to do anything and everything I ever dreamed of.
Lucy Bettinson
I first met Lisa about 10 years ago when a dear mutual friend of both of ours convinced me to attend one of Lisa’s workshops. Since this time, not only did this make such a difference to my life in terms of how to truly believe in myself and become a more confident person, but I have had the pleasure of watching Lisa herself grow and mould and mature into one of the most talented Life Coaches, Mentor’s and fabulous human beings that I have had the pleasure to meet. Lisa truly operates from the heart and this is evident in any of the materials she has written and interactions I have ever had with her. She believes in me and now so do I!.
You know what though Lisa? I finally get it!!! Omg it’s like the “ah haa” moment I have been waiting for.. It’s not so much what’s happened to me, it’s more what’s happening IN me..
I have blamed circumstances outside of my control for why I’m different, men leave,just not the right guy bla bla and while some of that is partly true it’s me that will change it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making that clear I am so excited to know I will fix it and I am not broken or unlucky bla bla what rubbish!.
I have had business coaching previously, but I found that, if anything, it put more pressure on me. Life Coaching with Lisa is completely different! It is opening up a whole new world to me and I can see that everything is falling into place easily and a lot of ‘shoulds’ are falling away.. and Im getting in touch with what I REALLY want.
When I first came to coaching with Lisa I was a mess with little clear direction. With Lisa’s help and guidance I transformed my life and cleared out the stuff that no longer serves me and was holding me back. I am finally getting a grasp on who I really am and what I want from life and building my confidence all the time. Thanks Lisa..
Lisa has incredible interviewing skills. She is an amazing and generous soul, with superb articulation and wit. A consummate coaching professional, I love working with her on every and any level, and hope to have a long and endearing lifelong relationship..
Having studied coaching psychology at the post graduate level, I have met and worked with many coaches and I have to say that Lisa Phillips is up there with the best. Lisa combines technical knoweldge with incredible intuition and a passionate energy to bring instant results. After just two coaching sessions with Lisa, I made some incredible gains and clarity regarding my own career objectives, plus some great simple daily tools to use to keep me on track with achieving my goals. Lisa is warm, empathetic and very responsive and I would highly recoemmend her.
Anna Lutkajtis
If you are looking for a coach that takes a personal interest in you, is reliable, knowledgeable and has exceptional experience as a Life Coach then you need look no further than Lisa Phillips. She is an inspiration to not only myself but many others. Thanks Lisa.
Nikki Cooper, Internet Success Coach
When I came to Lisa I was unclear of my next steps, scared to make another bad choice I was treading water. Lisa helped me to understand why I was feeling this way and gave me the tools to realise what was important in my life. Since working with Lisa I have made considerable changes and I am now living life with purpose and direction!
Jenny, NSW
“Since meeting you, I’ve ramped up my confidence which means I had a spurt of empowerment: I revamped my website, got some headshot, and met my angels. Yesterday, I challenged the angels. I said, “you guys have been awesome, I challenge you to top yourselves… let’s make today awesome!” and I got an email from a great company in Melbourne, who are one of the top agents in the country. I’m going to meet them next week to talk about representation. BOOM! Not to mention, my levels of happiness are about 100 per cent higher, as I told you, my boyfriend even thinks I’m drunk half the time cause I’m so happy. And it’s because of your support in opening up the inner happiness and confidence that was hiding, and shutting the door on doubt and negativity!”
Tammy Jones
Lisa is an inspiration to all. She is so understanding and caring towards whatever problems you are going through and arms you with the skills to handling things on your own. Thanks to Lisa’s motivation, dedication and belief in both herself and in you, I have come to realise many things that others don’t find until they are much much older. You have made me feel extremely proud of the journey of life I am undertaking and I hope to make you proud.
Deb Carr, Voxy Lady Women’s Speaker Bureau
Lisa has been writing a coaching column for our UK newspapers for over 12 months. She is a fabulous writer and her column is very popular with our audience. Her talents as a journalist are evident in the articles she submits, she is also very proactive and has never missed a deadline yet, a real pleasure to work with.
Rebecca Smart, Publishing & Media
Lisa is an absolute dynamo who quickly feels like a long time close friend that always leaves me smiling after speaking. She emits positive energy off the charts and keenly knows the ups the downs of life and how to position yourself to best ride them. She has amazing presence in front of a camera or microphone and is absolutely ‘on the pulse’ in delivering the topic message with passion that wholeheartedly engages her audience bringing with it nods of agreeance. She is hands-down someone you just NEED to speak with!
Janet Kay, Owner, My Virtual Assistant
Lisa is a highly engaging coach who’s passionate belief in her work and her clients’ ability to make meaningful changes in their lives is inspirational. Working with Lisa helped me to identify and overcome both personal and career stumbling blocks, and the results were immediate. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to challenge their thinking and make a step-change in their personal development.
Tamara Tayler, Program Director at ANZ
Lisa is an excellent life coach. She is insightful in the questions she asks to explore underlying issues, thereby allowing the client to identify effective solutions to their life challenges. Through generously sharing her personal journey Lisa is able to demonstrate the success of her approach and models.She is an amazing coach!
Diane Green, Associate Director Finance at University of Sydney
Lisa, is by far the most amazing person I have been in contact with for coaching. She tapped into my thought processes and really assisted me with directing me in a clear and constant way that I needed to know. I’ve now met a straight shooter like me with the positive energy to match me. Lisa has experience and know how and I’m forever grateful for her information and value her high integrity towards my goals and business. I totally over recommend her, but I want her all to myself!!
Zahrina Robertson, Branding Portraits Photographer