Quit comparing yourself to other people

I know the feeling, you have got yourself all dressed up for a night out, splashed out your hard earned cash on a new outfit and spent hours in front of the mirror. You go out for the evening feeling pretty good!


A friend turns up looking Amazing! They have lost weight, ooze confidence and just look fabulous!

Within a few minutes, you start beating yourself up, comparing yourself to them, allowing all those positive feelings you had about yourself go right down the plughole.

Stop Comparing yourself to other people!

Comparing yourself to other people is a really bad habit. It leaves you feeling ‘ less than’ they are and you end up diminishing your own self worth and attractiveness.

Honour Yourself

Instead of beating yourself up and comparing yourself to other people, how great would it feel if you just decided to give the other person permission to look amazing awhile authentically honouring your own unique attractiveness? How much better would it feel if you just reminded yourself that everyone is different and just because you feel someone else looks amazing, this is not a reason to de- value yourself or label yourself as being ‘less attractive’ than them!

Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Try these top 3 tips to stop the habit of comparing yourself to other people:

Recognize You Are Incomparable. Why would you want to compare yourself to other people when you are unique and one of a kind? Comparing yourself to others is telling yourself that you are not as good as them and failing to recognise your uniqueness and individuality.

You can’t see the entire picture. When you look at other people physically you’re only seeing 5% of the person. Keep in mind that you can’t see nor will you ever see the whole picture. You don’t know what’s really going on inside of them or how they feel about themselves. They could well be comparing themselves to you!

Appreciate yourself. The next time you feel you are comparing yourself to anyone, remember that comparisons are unfair. We are all on a different journey in life. Appreciate your own skills and talents. Just because your life may be different it doesn’t make you ‘ less than’ someone else.

Northamptonshire Life Coach

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach with over 20  years  international experience. She is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book. Although Lisa is based in Northamptonshire, she works with clients all over the world offering Skype or Zoom online coaching.   Lisa also offers a wide range of online life coaching courses.

Her work is also featured regularly in the media.    Lisa is also currently engaged by several international cruise lines  and is a popular guest speaker.