Confidence Coach for Personal Development and Resilience

‘After 20 years as a  Success and Life Coach, I can say hand-on-heart that one of the most common issues I assist my clients with is the lack of self-love and self-confidence. It doesn’t matter whether the external manifestation is poor relationships, a shortage of money, the imperfect career or struggling with negative emotions – confidence, or should we say the lack of it, seems to rear its ugly head’

Lisa Phillips – Nature and Health Magazine 2013

The Confidence Coach who builds the ‘Confidence muscle’

A warm welcome from Lisa Phillips, founder of Amazing Coaching UK.

Formally based in Sydney, Australia, I am an award winning Life coach who specialises in the area of Confidence, Emotional Wellbeing, Self Esteem and Resilience, I also offer standard Life Coaching, Interview Coaching and Career Coaching.

I work with people all around the world, assisting and supporting them to feel great and really believe in themselves. I am also the author of The Confidence Coach book. ( Exile Publishing 2015).

It doesn’t matter how old you are, Confidence Coaching can help you build up your inner ‘ Confidence Muscle’ so that you can easily learn to feel confident about yourself and your abilities from the inside out. When you feel more confident, you will also become more resilient, assertive and make better decisions for yourself. You are also more likely to prioritize your own emotional needs and wellbeing.

Gaining and ‘ owning’ your inner self confidence is a life altering journey that should feel good and should not be a struggle! It is not about ‘ faking it ‘till you make it’ – Real authentic confidence comes from the inside out!

Increasing your Confidence

I am well aware that most people may not have had much confidence from an early age, or have had it been trampled on by other people over the years. However, despite any circumstance, you can learn to strengthen your confidence muscle and consequently become a more resilient, calm and courageous person.

My Personal Experience

new-book-galBelieve me, I was not one of those people who was born with confidence! I personally suffered from low self-confidence until I hit my early 30’s. As a child I was bullied at school and as an adult, experienced bullying behaviour from a narcissist manager at work. I also spent far too long in a toxic relationship as I didn’t have the confidence to get out nor the self-belief that I deserved better! These unhealthy experiences left me feeling frustrated and angry with myself for allowing other people to walk all over me, and take advantage of my ‘nice’ nature. The occasional time I did try to be more assertive, I would usually end up feeling selfish or guilty, worrying what others thought of me or feeling anxious that I may have upset another person.

Finally, after spending far too many years beating myself up and generally believing that everyone else in the world was somehow ‘better than me’ or more ‘worthy than me’ – I took the first step into nourishing and building my own confidence muscle. Thankfully, I have never looked back. I am now qualified as a Counsellor, a fully accredited Life Coach, Confidence Coach, Master NLP practitioner and Law of Attraction Coach. I have also had a successful corporate career including Senior Management Positions in Team Engagement, Training and Accountancy for large multi-national companies in the UK, Singapore and Australia. My work appears regularly on TV, Radio and Press. I am also a experienced speaker and speak regularly on Cruise Lines including Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

I formed Amazing Coaching in 2000 while based in Sydney Australia. Now residing in the UK, I am delighted to assist you on your own journey into confidence, empowerment and self-belief.

Please contact me for a no -obligation chat about how I can help you!