Confidence in Public Speaking

Does the very thought of Public Speaking strike fear in your heart? Do you wish you had more confidence in public speaking or at the very least, feel more confident during meetings and workplace events?

Studies show that over 73% of the public has a fear of public speaking so don’t worry, you are not alone!

The Fear of Public Speaking

Lacking Confidence in public speaking can range from slight nervousness to a paralysing fear and panic!

It isn’t just the fear of being judged, making a fool of yourself or forgetting your words that can make you feel less confident in public speaking,  you may also suffer from a physical reaction including a shaky voice, blushing or even trembling in your whole body.

I can help you feel more increase your Confidence in Public Speaking!

People travel throughout the UK to see me in order to become a more confident speaker.   It doesn’t take long, often three Life Coaching sessions is all that is needed for you to let go of the fear and become a more relaxed and confident public speaker.  If you can’ come to my office in Northamptonshire,  we can also work over Skype. 

Here are a few of my top tips to increase your confidence in Public Speaking:

  1. Remember,  your mind is playing tricks on you if you believe that people are sitting in the audience laughing at you.  The truth is, nobody is laughing and nobody is  waiting for you to stuff it up or make a mistake.    The only person who does this is You to You!
  2. If you do make a mistake, just move on!   I have been a public speaker at over 200 events and mistakes are normal.   I often laugh with my audience when I make an error, and in doing so, I have never had an audience that hasn’t laughed with me.
  3. Remind yourself ‘ What is the worst that could happen?’
  4. Learn to laugh at yourself.  The best Public speakers know that making a mistake is inevitable.  Malfunctioning technology and mixing up a few words in all part of the process
  5. Always take the time to prise yourself for any progress you make – however small.

Lisa Phillips – Amazing Coaching

Northamptonshire Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   She is an enrichment speaker for Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean International.   Her work appears regularly in the media.      Lisa is also the Confidence Coach on

To find out how the award winning Life Coach can assist you in becoming are more confident person and improving your self esteem, please contact her for a no obligation chat at    You can also find out more about Life Coaching Northamptonshire here