Do you allow 5 minute conversations to ruin your day?

During our waking hours,  it is inevitable that we will come across a wide range of situations,  circumstances and conversations.  If these are good circumstances,  then the chances are they will leave us feeling positive and satisfied.

However, what about those 5 minute conversations that ruin our day or leave us feeling angry or wronged in some way?  What about those conversations that you take home with you and regurgitate for hours on end?  What about those conversations that send you upstream?

This could be a simple as:

1) Someone criticises you at Work

2) The kids ignore you ( again!)

3) You feel your friend isn’t interested in what you have to say

4)  A family member says something that hurts your feelings.

It can only take a minute…..

The chances are, the above situation may happen over a period of seconds or minutes. However, many of us continue to feel angry or hurt at these situations for days or even weeks on end!

There isn’t a human on this planet that hasn’t experienced hurt or some kind of emotional pain. However, it really is what you do with this hurt that is important. Do you choose to let it go or do you ruminate about it for weeks on end, feeling more resentful as time goes on?

Feeling Wronged

When we continue to feel ‘ wronged’  we are often looking for someone to acknowledge that what they did was wrong. However, we may be waiting a long time! The fact is that other people may not even realise that they have hurt you and in continuing to think about it each day, you are just continuing to carry on this pain for yourself every time you think about it.

Think about it, if you really cared about your own emotional well being, would you choose to release yourself from this pain and move onto into feeling good? This is not about ignoring your pain – your feelings are important and it’s good to acknowledge how you feel.

However, you always have a choice to move on and reclaim your power from any situation that is causing you negative emotion. This takes courage and the ability to put your own well being, as a priority before any grievances you may have.  It is all about caring about how you feel.

You don’t have to forgive someone for your hurts, but it is an act of self care to release yourself from the pain you feel towards them.  It’s about choosing to move forward each day,let go of the pain and invite more happiness into your life.

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