It is fair to say that Coronavirus fear is spreading quickly around our world.  In this weeks Amazing Coaching blog,  I would like to share my tips on how you can choose to  use the law of attraction to give some extra protection to you and your loved ones in this unusual time.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simple definitions include:

  1. That which is like itself is drawn
  2. What ever you believe, you will receive
  3. Life is like a photocopier ( what you put in, you will receive a copy of in your life).

Coronavirus and The Law of Attraction

Most simply, this means you can use the power of the law of attraction to give extra protection to yourself and your loved ones.  The law of attraction responds to your Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs.

Science is also now supporting the idea that your thoughts impact the cells in your body and your immune system.   You are the placebo and can influence your health and biology through your thoughts. 

Therefore, if you talk non stop about getting Coronavirus, you are attracting it to you.    If you feel scared about getting coronavirus, you are pulling it towards you.     If you believe, that you are your family are going to suffer, then this thought can attract more suffering to you.

To summarise,  if you focus on SICKNESS you will pull sickness towards you.

How to Stay focussed on Wellness.

As much as possible, focus your thoughts and feelings towards Wellness.    Even if you can pivot your thoughts just a little bit,  you will change your vibrational state.     Ideally, we are looking for a vibrational state of wellness, support and health in your body and mind.  Remember,  you act like a  magnet so if you can begin to focus your thoughts towards wellness, you cannot attract sickness – it will not be a magnet to you!

In addition,  please also follow the World Health Organisations instructions  but focus on staying relaxed, calm and gently pivot your thoughts towards ‘ All is ok, my family and I are safe.’

Your Canoe and Stream

We all have our own canoe and stream.   When we worry,  feel fearful or struggle,  it is like trying to take a canoe UPSTREAM.   However,  if you can let go of the oars, focus on being ok and healthy,  you will move your canoe downstream.     DOWNSTREAM  emotions include hope, trust, wellness, safety, security, trust and wellness.   The more time we can spend downstream, the more we will attract downstream emotions.   You will ultimately become   a magnet to downstream emotions.

It is key to stay on your own Canoe and Stream.     Try not to be too influenced by what is happening on the MAINSTREAM.

Soothe and Encourage Yourself

Try these soft and general statements to keep your canoe moving downstream:

  1. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, everything is going to be ok
  2. My body is healthy and strong, it will take care of me
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if my love ones all stay healthy and happy?
  4.  This will pass,  I will be fine.
  5. Even though other people are worried, I can stay calm and relaxed on my own stream.  All is well.

 Personal Coaching in Northamptonshire

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Please contact me if you would like more information.

With love

Lisa x