Self Care Tips for Wellness During the Coronavirus.

Dear friends, clients and readers,

I wanted to take this opportunity to send you my best wishes and hope you are all managing to stay positive and well during the recent coronavirus outbreak.  Wherever you are the world, I am sending you lots of love.

With so much fear and panic in the world,  self care is even more important.  It is so easy in these changing situations to forget yourself as you rush around helping other people.   If you need some support or help right now,  please come and join me on my Facebook page as I am sharing lots of wellness tips, videos and free courses to help you on this journey.  Please don’t be alone.

Therefore, this weeks Amazing Coaching newsletter is all about Coronavirus Self Care Tips.

Coronavirus Self Care Tips

1) I know it’s tempting to listen to the news, but try and restrict the time you spend listening to ‘mainstream’ News shows about the Coronavirus. The more you listen to stuff that worries you, the more you are programming your mind with more things to worry about!
2) When we feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, it is if our thoughts are like a speed train! We may feel out of control with our fast speeding thoughts. It is too difficult to stop these fast moving thoughts, but what we can do, is slow them down.

Please use these phrases to just gently slow your thoughts down:

a)I would like to think it is possible that everything will be ok.

b) Even though I feel ( stressed, anxious, overwhelmed) right now, I am looking forward to feeling better soon.

c) It is only old anxiety, nothing serious is going on here.

d) It is just some fast moving thoughts in my head.  It takes time to slow down a fast moving train but I can do it if I practice. It just takes a little focus.

3) Visualization is a great way to keep your body calm. Have you watched Star Wars? Imagine a big beam of white light ( like a light saber) flowing in from the sun into the top of your head. Allow this beautiful light to flow into your head, arms, body, heart, legs etc. take your time with this and don’t worry if your mind wonders ! Finally, imagine big roots ( like a tree) sprouting from your feet into the safety of the earth. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Feel the safety and security of your feet growing roots into the earth and mud. Feel grounded in the earth

4)  I think it is totally fabulous that we are all coming together as a community to help each other. However….are you being a people pleaser? This may sound harsh but are you running around helping others then feeling exhausted yourself? Are you helping people with ‘ non essential’ items where they can wait? Are you trying to please others at your own expense? Now is the time to make your own self care a priority. There is no point in being kind to everyone else, if you are not being kind to yourself. You are no good to anyone if you are resentful, tired and exhausted. Keep yourself fit and healthy on your own stream, self care first please!

5) Write a list of things that make you happy and try to do one thing a day.   Even if you are isolated at home, find something to do that makes you smile.   Could it be reading a book, creating something or even connecting with a friend.  It is important to keep that flame inside of you burning brightly!

Sending you all lots of love.

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