Every week on my Amazing Coaching Facebook Page,  I am sharing daily Coronavirus Wellness Tips.

For those who you who do not use Facebook,   I have summarised the tips in this weeks blog.  You can find previous weeks  Coronavirus Tips here.

Further advice on  how to how to feel good during the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here. 

Coronavirus Wellness Tips 2:

  1. Grab your journal today or some paper. Sit down for a few minutes and give yourself some acknowledgement for the past week. Many of us have dealt with uncertainty, anxiety, change and a whole roller coaster of emotions. What ever you have felt this week, take the time to acknowledge your feelings and give yourself some praise. Please find 5 things you can praise yourself for this week. Remember, it’s the small things that count. Praise yourself for getting through the week, praise yourself for getting out of bed, praise yourself for being kind to yourself. Self praise is so important – particularly if you are always seeking praise or acknowledgement from other people. Don’t wait for others to praise you – praise yourself!
  2. We all have human needs and two of these needs are the need to feel both ‘ Variety and Familiar‘. These needs need to be balanced. If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, try to find something in your life that feels familiar. e.g. Do something you would normally have done before the Coronavirus outbreak such as watching your favourite TV show, cooking familiar food or wearing familiar clothes. Aim to GROUND yourself in the familiar. If however, you are feeling bored, try to add some variety into your life. e.g. Do something different, start a new book, do an online class. Add some VARIETY into your life. It is important to balance both these important needs.
  3. Are you trying to be Perfect right now? Are you setting yourself ridiculously high expectations to be the perfect mum, teacher, friend etc? Are you rushing around trying to get everything done? When we try to do everything and keep everyone happy, we put too much pressure on ourselves. Try to relax, just have fun, do the best you can and don’t try to be perfect as it robs you of your joy. Being too busy may mean you are ‘ avoiding painful feelings’ so allow yourself some down time and relax.
  4. When you woke up this morning, did you just regurgitate yesterdays thoughts and fears? Most of us do! However, when you do this, you are just creating the same old thoughts and experiences every single day. If you have been feeling stuck or find yourself in the same old situations, it is probably because your thoughts are like a broken record, going round and round, playing the same old tune every day! Ask yourself, is this the same old tune you have been playing for 5, 10, 15 years? Why not play a new tune in your mind? START today by using some of these gentle phrases: ‘ I would really like today to be a good day‘ ‘ I am willing to grow and to change’Wouldn’t it be nice if I could let go of my old fearful thoughts and start to get excited about a lovely new future’
  5. Many of us are feeling uncertain about our futures and relying on the news or other people to reassure our scary feelings. You can’t rely on other people to reassure you, you need to reassure yourself. Here are a few soothing phrases you can use:
    I know I am worried right now, but things do have a way of working out for me’
    ‘I can’t control anything right now, I will just let go of the oars and make the best of where I am’
    ‘ I have got through difficult times in the past and I will be ok’
    Reassure yourself as if you were a small child. x

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