We all fall into the habit of blaming other people for our misfortunes.  We blame our partners for relationships that don’t fulfil us.   We hold our parents responsible for our lack of confidence and we blame our boss for failing to appreciate the work that we do.  Ultimately, we blame other people for our unhappy lives.

Many of us expend lots of energy complaining to our friends  (or anyone who listens) about how other people have harmed us or how they are to blame for our problems.

When we blame others, we give away our Power!

Every time we point the blame finger at other people, we give away our power .  More importantly, we fail to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, confidence and happiness.  When we blame other people without taking responsibility, we render ourselves powerless.

Be Honest with Yourself

Does blaming other people change things?  Does it improve your situation?  Does it send you upstream?  Be honest with yourself –Have you just got in the habit of giving away your power and blaming other people rather than doing something about it?  Does blaming actually do anything? NO!   In blaming others, all you are doing is setting yourself up for more misery and keeping yourself stuck in old patterns.

In truth,  consistently pointing the blame finger often becomes an excuse for not taking action or resolving the situation ourselves.

So this week, if something is not working in your life, lets look at reclaiming  your power and choose to take responsibility for our own lives.

You Always Have a Choice

In every situation in life, we always have three choices:

  1. Accept it
  2. Change it or
  3. Walk away from it!

For example, if you don’t enjoy your job or feel you are not earning enough money, take responsibility and do something about it. Speak with your boss or update your CV and go out job searching.  If you are not happy in your relationship, speak to your partner and if you are still unhappy – let them go and move on!

An Exercise to Take Responsibility for Your Life

Try this little exercise:
• Where in your life are you laying blame?
• Who have you given your power to in this situation?
• What are the consequences of laying blame in this situation?
• What three things could you do to take back your power and stop blaming other people?

Lisa Phillips, Life Coach and Confidence Expert.

With over 22 years experience,   Award Winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.     Previously based in Sydney, Australia,   Lisa is now based in Corby, Northamptonshire.  She works with clients all over the world via Zoom, Skype and telephone.     Lisa is also a trained counsellor, Career Coach and Business Coach.   Her expertise is  regularly appears on TV and Radio.

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