Do experience Shortage consciousness or lack?

By this I mean, do you believe there is never enough for you or believe that you have to work hard to gain ‘your share’ of money, clients, love or material possessions? If so, you are not alone and shortage consciousness is a topic I regular speak about as a keynote speaker or as a  Life and Confidence Coach.

Shortage Consciousness is about your ability to perceive or expect an ongoing flow of wellbeing or good things to flow into your life on a regular basis.

Many of us are more focussed on the ‘lack of something’, rather than the possibility of more flowing into our lives. This could be a lack of clients, a lack of worthiness or most commonly, a lack of money. One of the more common beliefs about money is that it is ‘hard to make money’ or ‘money is difficult to come by’. Many of us also have underlying beliefs that there is always a shortage of money flowing into our personal experience or there is ‘never enough money’. As a result, this is what we experience in our lives and very rarely do we expect things to improve.

What is necessary for you to actually attract more money into your own personal experience is to believe and expect that it is possible for you. To do this, you need to get yourself in the receiving mode of money and expect it to flow to you easily. Think about it, how open is your valve to abundance? Is it fully open to the unlimited abundance available to you or is your valve turned down as you only expect small amounts of abundance to flow to you?

If you are struggling to make ends meet, I admit, it is difficult to change your beliefs about money… however it possible! Start by changing your expectation of abundance – rather than on money itself. This could mean moving your attention to appreciating the abundance of water in the ocean, the amount of people on this planet or maybe the amount of shoes or clothes you have in your wardrobe!

Remember, the law of attraction is always giving you what you focus on so in doing the above, we are moving the focus away from lack, to one of abundance. It is important to also find words to soothe and encourage yourself on this journey. Try these phrases and see how they feel to you:

1) Lots of people have experienced money shortages before and things changed significantly better for them.

2) I am learning to open up to receiving more abundance and it will be fun to watch how this unfolds for me.

This little change in vibration will start your focus towards abundance, rather than shortage. And remember, once you start to feel more abundant, you will then start to attract more abundance. This is a truly abundant universe and your income is not restricted by the job you hold so why not open up and receive more of what is always available to you?

Lisa Phillips is a UK based Life Coach and Confidence Coach. She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ – Exile Publishing. To find out more about Lisa, please see