What do you do when you feel like crap? Whether it is physically or emotionally, we all have those times in life when we  feel down, depressed, hopeless or just fed up.

Whether you know what the reason is for your low mood,  or it just feels like it has appeared  ‘ out of the blue’ , I will share five simple tips to help you feel better on those dark days.

Crap days are normal.

It is perfectly normal to feel down sometimes.  We all experience tough days and  I promise, you are not alone.

Here are 5  simple tips for when you feel like crap:

    1. Self care is really important.   Although you may have lots of others things going on,  it is key to make self care a priority right now.  When life gets tough, you can keep doing what you’re doing, which means continuing to feel down.  Or, you can focus on self care and  try to pick yourself back up.  Why not do something from your happiness list?   Check out this previous post on internal Self Care.
    2. Stop being so hard on yourself. –  We really are our own worst enemies and when we don’t feel our best, it is easy to beat ourselves up even more and unconsciously punish ourselves.    Whatever is happening right now and however you feel, quit beating yourself up.  It is causing you to go upstream.   It is much better to give up the struggle, let go of the oars and accept where you are is ok.
  1. Take your thoughts General.    One of the best ways to feel better is to make your thoughts really soft and general.  What I mean by this is whatever emotion you feel, just totally accept it.   Tell yourself it is ok to feel how you do, it is ok to feel hurt, lost and confused.   Instead of trying to force yourself to feel positive,  accept where you are.  Remember,  ‘ pretending to be positive’ is just counterproductive.   Let go of the struggle and use soft general thoughts to ease your emotions into a better feeling place.
  2. Care more about how you feel. Make how you feel the most important thing in your life. Most of us don’t really care less about how we feel. We rarely tune into our emotions or chose to intentionally do something that will make us feel better. Check out this blog post on caring about how you feel.
  3. Reach out for support. When we feel like crap, we often stuff it down or hide behind the façade of being ‘ all fine and together’. Allow the authentic you to come out and ask for support.

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Previously based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach with over 23 years experience.  Lisa is the author of The Confidence Coach book and her work appears regularly in the media.   Lisa works with her clients from her home in Northamptonshire.  She also offers Zoom Life Coaching sessions,  inner child coaching, root cause therapy and a range of Life Coaching packages.

She is currently based in Corby, Northants.

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