Do you believe you deserve to feel special?  Or have you been programmed to believe you are ‘ ordinary’ or ‘ nothing special‘?   Do you believe you are ‘ special enough’ to get what you want in life?

Feeling Special

When I say the word special, I don’t mean in a narcissistic way.  I mean do you believe you are an amazing, important and special person?  Do you like yourself enough to own the fact you have value, importance, self worth and deserve to have your needs and wants fulfilled?

Not Special Enough

I met with a new client last week in London.   For years she had been struggling with feeling ordinary but had a real desire to feel like a special person inside.   You see she didn’t believe she was ‘ special enough’.   Special enough to have an amazing life, special enough to have the career, partner or money she desired.  She just felt she wasn’t special enough to SHINE is this world.  She also felt she wasn’t special enough to get the love that she wanted.

I love the word special.  It just feels nice in our body when we FEEL it.   Try it now.   Try and feel the word in your body – does it feel good?  How does it make you feel?  Does it make you feel positive or negative about your life?  Now try the world Ordinary.  How does this make you feel?  Personally, I didn’t like it all!

Shut the door on being Special.

If you were never told you were special, adored, wanted as a child, the chances are you won’t feel these emotions as an adult.   It is like we have closed the door on them, and they are beyond our reach.   We may also be unable to actual FEEL SPECIAL as we don’t actually have access straight away to that emotion in our body.  We have closed it down.

The Law of Attraction

We live in a universe of attraction.  Whatever you feel about yourself you will attract.  This is a the law of attraction at play.

Therefore, if you believe you are just ‘ ordinary’ or have little to offer anyone then all you will receive back are people and situations that mirror your own feelings of being ordinary.   However, if you are able to find the emotion of feeling like a special person – you will also attract people and circumstances that reinforce your own feelings of being special.  Now that is exciting!

So do you want to feel like a special person?

The truth is that the universe already knows how special you are.   It doesn’t require you to prove to anyone that you are special, because you already are special.     Now the trick is to align your own view of yourself, with the loving view of the universe.

Try these tips to Feel like a Special Person. 

  • The word special has a different feeling, frequency  or vibration for everyone.   What does it mean to you? If it brings up positive emotions, try and feel more into the feelings of being a special person.  What would it feel like to you? Why do you want to feel special?  How would you like to feel like a special person?
  • Soothe yourself downstream by using simple phrases such as ‘ I am really looking forward to acknowledging how special I really am or ‘ I am really looking forward to be surrounded by people who know how special I am ‘
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. Own your own personal stream and acknowledge that you are unique ( and special of course!)  Focus on your unique preferences and strengths and how much you have to offer to the world.

Lisa Phillips,  Award Winning Life Coach, Career Coach and Confidence Expert 

Currently based in Northamptonshire,   Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience. She also is a trained Counsellor.   Previously based in Sydney, Australia,   the leading Life Coach works with face to face clients across the Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Peterborough and Rutland areas.   She also provides worldwide Skype Life Coaching sessions  and has clients in Australia, London, Dubai, New Zealand and Europe.

Lisa is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book and is the current Life Coaching expert on the Love Destination TV Series.   She is a highly popular Guest Speaker at large events, particularly across London.   She is also a regular keynote speaker on several cruise ship lines.

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