The concept of Imposter Syndrome has hit main stream media in the past few years but what is Imposter Syndrome?

For me personally, imposter syndrome is not a new concept – it is just the belief of ‘ Not feeling good enough’.

Feeling Not Good Enough.

The belief that you are not good enough is one of the most commonly held negative beliefs.   This belief can manifest itself in all different ways in your life.

When we hold the unconscious belief  we may feel deep down  that we just don’t have what it takes – or we are just not as good as other people.  This could be people at work, our friends, or in every area of our life.   As a result, we feel like an ‘ imposter’ – someone who is pretending to be someone they believe they are not!  For many, it can feel like a deep shame inside of us,  something that we never want other people to really know about us.

Imposter Syndrome is just a SPAM belief

If you want to stop feeling like an imposter,  it is not about ‘ faking it until you make it’.  When you do this, you are only sticking a temporary ‘ sticky plaster’ over your wound.    To heal this belief, you need to heal from the wound itself, acknowledging that this belief is just spam or old programming.    This may also involve healing the outdated belief that  you are somehow, not as good as other people –  or you don’t have what it takes to succeed.  It is also about clearing the belief that you are going to be ‘ found out’ or that everyone else sees you as an imposter!

You cannot heal Imposter Syndrome in your Mind alone.

You cannot heal the feeling of being an imposter in your mind alone.  The work needs to be done on the actual belief itself.   . Imagine just how great you will feel when you know deep down that you are Good Enough! Re-parenting your inner child is very effective technique to heal  imposter syndrome.   When your inner child feels good enough – you will feel good enough! This is a simple and very effective process that I use with my Life Coaching clients

Where does it come from?

Many of us believe we fall short of other people in some way.     This old programming comes from early childhood experiences or programming.    We only have to hear negative messages from other people more than four times for our brain to believe that what we are hearing is true.

I recently shared my views on Imposter Syndrome in The Sun newspaper and you can read the full article here

Want to know more?

In most cases,  imposter syndrome can be healed for good in on 2 or 3 Life Coaching sessions.  Why not contact me today to find out more?

Lisa Phillips is a Award Winning Life and Confidence Coach.   Lisa also travel internationally to speak at large events. She is also a guest speaker for several international cruise lines including Princess Cruises and P&O.   Her expertise is regularly featured in both the Australian and UK media.   For examples and videos of Lisa’s speaking events, please check out her show reel.