Who are you really?

Do you know who you really are –  Your true authentic self?

When you were born

When you came into this world, you knew your power.  You knew that you were good enough, worthy, loveable and so much more.    You also knew that if you wanted to bring something into your experience,  you simply needed to focus on what you wanted and it would be drawn to you.

You also knew that you were on this planet to enjoy yourself, to have fun, to achieve your personal preferences and have a life filled with happiness and wellbeing.

Sadly….we easily forget…..

It doesn’t take long for this positive expectation of life to disappear.   As we grow up,  much of our positive programming about ourselves and life, simply gets overwritten.    As we are like a sponge in our early years,  we soak up fearful messages about ourselves from other people, the media and our cultures.   For example:

  1. Life is a struggle and you need to work hard
  2. It is hard to make money
  3. You are not as good as other people
  4.  Don’t expect too much out of life
  5. Other people are more worthy than you.

As a result of these messages, we become what we hear and we forget who we really are.

Life then becomes an upstream struggle and leaves us feeling unfulfilled.  We forget that we are really meant to feel good!    We then often continue through our lives feeling that something is ‘ missing’.   We often feel stuck and find it difficult to work out why life doesn’t really feel that good.  We end up wearing a mask – covering up our real authentic self.

Remembering who you really are!

Life is always trying to guide you back to who you really are.   If you believe you are not good enough, life is trying to guide you back to ‘ unlearning’ this false belief.   Life is trying to guide you back to remembering who you really are – which is good enough!

When we start to unlearn all our false negative beliefs,  we start to remember who we really are.   We start to remember our personal preferences, what makes us feel good and our personal stream of happiness.  This journey back to our real authentic self is a beautiful transformational process which leaves you feeling empowered, grounded and powerful.   You start to see yourself as a magnificent person who can have, be and do anything you desire.

Award Winning Northants Life Coach

Currently based in Corby, Northants,   Lisa Phillips has won several international awards for her leading edge coaching work.    A regular in the media,  Lisa is also the expert Life Coach and Confidence Coach on The Love Destination TV.       She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.

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