Do you think you deserve the best in life or do you settle for second best?

My clients often say to me ‘ I should be happy with what I have, I should be grateful’! It is like they are resigned to the fact that they can’t get what they want, so they will have to settle for less than they really want.

Why do we settle for second best?

Society often informs us we should be grateful for what we have.   Yes, I agree, However, this doesn’t mean you should just settle for what you have,  just because it is more than what others  have.   I often hear phrases such as ‘ I have  a wonderful house, family and I should feel happy’ or ‘ I don’t really enjoy my work, but at least it is a job‘.

If you are constantly settling for less,  it may mean you don’t really believe that you deserve the best – or it is out of your reach or too ambitious for you.   You may just accept what every comes your way.

There is something about life  that tells us to settle.  However, if you are choosing to settle,  whether it is for convenience, safety or any other reason,  you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Where do you settle for second best?

Do you put up with  a relationship that you don’t really enjoy?  Or maybe it is a friendship where you are treated as second choice?    Are you so desperate for love that you accept  less than you really deserve?  What are you putting up with just because it is ‘ easier’ than doing something about it?

What do you you really desire?

What dream have you pushed to the side and decided to ignore?  Have you decided not to pursue what you really want in life?  Is it that dream career,  the freedom of adventure, or the the desire to entertain other people?   Where have you decided to leave your dreams as pipedreams  rather than doing something about it?  Have you just settled for ‘ good enough but not great’.  Have you decided to sacrifice our own dreams to give way to the dreams of another person?

I do believe it is a good thing to be grateful for where you are.  However, it is not OK to settle for what is happening in your life,  knowing that you can have more, do more and be more.

My advice to you.

It is okay to be grateful for what you have in your life.   Contentment is key to staying downstream. 

However, it is not okay to settle for what is there , knowing that you can do more, give more and be more!

You are meant to thrive.  Not struggle so NEVER settle for second best.  Prioritize your own dream, desires and happiness.

Northamptonshire Life Coach

With over 23 years international experience,  Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.    Lisa’s leading edge techniques are featured regularly in the media.    She offers a wide range of Life Coaching packages all tailored to your unique needs.   Why not check out her Life Coaching testimonials or contact Lisa today for a no-obligation chat?

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