Does having Children affect Confidence?

Does your self esteem decrease when you become a Mum?  Does having children affect Confidence?

Actress Emily Blunt recently stated that she believes  that when you have children you lose your confidence.

Northamptonshire based award winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips was recently asked to share her advice in an article in FamiliesUK magazine on ‘ Does having children affect confidence’ .    You can read the full article here.

Families Online is a UK  magazine which is published 6 times a year across the UK.   The magazine is Free and brings local news, information about activities and events, competitions and features to parents and carers everywhere.

Does having Children Affect Confidence?

In this article,  Confidence Coach Lisa explained how being a mum  is a huge change for a woman’s identity.  She went on to explain that many women get their confidence and sense of self from their careers.   However, when they stop working or have a child, it can lead to you feeling as if your confidence has been robbed!

When it comes to new mums, Northants Life Coach Lisa Phillips shared that many new mums feel they are inexperienced in motherhood, which can again  lead them to feeling inadequate and it can impact their self-esteem.

In an excerpt from this article,  Lisa shared ‘ New mums can go from being someone who perhaps felt they had control of their life, into a whole new life that they have no or little   experience in.  Comparing themselves to other mums can also impact self-confidence’

She also shared that new mums should not fall into the trap of comparing themselves to other mums and to remind themselves that they are learning something new and will always make mistakes!

The article also includes advice from Parenting experts.   You can read the full article HERE. 

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