Some Should do’s you could live without!

Several years ago, I attended a training course in New York with Life Coach Debbie Ford.   During this course, Debbie spoke extensively about letting go  of all the Should do’s in our life!  I love this principle and often use it in my own life and also with my own coaching clients.

Think about it, where are you always saying I should do this or I should do that?  Wouldn’t it just feel so much nicer to let all the should do’s go?

Here are some Should do’s you could live without!

I should be the perfect lover, partner, worker, friend, parents, teacher, student, child etc
I should be able to endure without complaint
I should never lost my temper
I should never make mistakes
I should never be afraid
I should never be angry / jealous
I should be totally self reliant
I should not ask for help
I should be able to find a quick solution to every problem
I should be able to protect my family from pain
I should make enough money so that I / my family can afford….
I should be a success in everything I do
I should also have a tidy house
I should be busy; otherwise I am wasting my time
I should have the energy to do all of the things I must do
I should always look my best
I should put other people’s feelings before mine
I should strive to be perfect at all times
I should feel happy
I should feel guilty

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