As many of you are aware,   workshops and training are a passion of mine.   I have worked alongside the YMCA for many years, both in Australia and now in the UK.   I must admit to missing getting out and speaking on cruise ships but alas, I am not sure when the cruise industry will be up and running again!

Now living in Northamptonshire,   I am happy to be a freelance lead trainer for the YMCA Trinity Group  ( Cambridgeshire and Peterborough).

Mental Health Support for Schools

The YMCA Trinity group offers a wide range of services for Education.   You can see a full list of their course offerings here

Now in the midst of lockdown two – I am delighted to be facilitating the ‘ Education Early Interventions’  Course in November.

During the  Education Early Interventions work,  the group sessions focus on four main [email protected]

  • Emotional Management is a skill, and breakdowns in communication and wellbeing can lead to impaired development of this area.
  • Social Skills is a small term for an enormous concept. Each young person will have strengths and challenges in this area. Alienation in some or all areas of their social life will impact on all things from performance in classes to level of exercise.
  • Self Esteem & Confidence is a crucial ingredient in child & adolescent development. Without this, a series of psychological defence mechanisms can produce pervasive problems, lasting into adulthood.
  • Transitions is a programme that focuses on the seismic shift from Primary to Secondary school. We realise some young people find this a challenge, and require help to cope with this change. It provides techniques for forming new friendships as well as coping mechanisms, which will improve resilience for future use in all contexts.

Each group work module is 6 weeks in duration – with one session per week, lasting for approximately one hour. Up to two Interventions Workers will facilitate each session depending on numbers and needs. Evidence-based outcome assessments are used to monitor the impact made.

If you would like to know more about the courses that the YMCA Trinity group offer,  please check out their website at YMCA Trinity Group. 

Training and Workshops

I also offer a wide range of workshops for organisations within any industry.   Workshops can be tailored to your unique needs or a wide range of 1 hour or ‘ Lunch and Learn’ sessions are also available.   Please check out my training testimonials or contact me for more information.