Enrichment Speaker on Princess Cruises

Many of you who already follow my work as a Confidence Coach and Motivational Speaker, will know that I have worked for several years as an Enrichment Speaker on both Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises.

This is work that I am passionate about! How great is it to combine two of my great passions in life, travelling the world and public speaking!    An example of some of the topics I speak on-board  include:

  • Building Confidence in less than 1 minute a day
  • Dealing with Stress
  • How to be happy ( when you leave the cruise!)
  • Positive Thinking
  • Relaxation Techniques

Enrichment Speaker

To be an enrichment speaker, you need to offer a wide range of topics that will be of interest to those on a cruise.  The amount of times you need to speak will depend on how many sea days ( those the ship is not docked) are scheduled for the voyage.  One of the things that I really enjoy is also getting to speak on a huge stage and am always delighted at the amount of people who attend my lectures.

Living in Sydney,  I have been delighted to be an Enrichment speaker on many cruises visiting destinations such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Dubai,  Suez Canal, New Zealand ( note, all time favourite cruise!) and also much of Europe.

Princess Cruises

Having now returned to Northamptonshire,  UK, I was keen to continue to seek opportunities with UK and European Cruise agents.  Well the good news is that I have been accepted to speak on Princess Cruises from March 2018.  My very first cruise will be a long one – leaving from Singapore and arriving in Rome 28 days later!   Some of the wonderful places I will get to visit include Thailand, India, Jordan, Greece, Malta and Rome.

This also means that I will be speaking on over 18 topics.  The good news is that I already have 10 workshop presentations completed so only have 8 to go!

Lisa Phillips has over 18 years experience as a Confidence and Life Coach.  She is also the author of The Confidence Coach book and her work is featured extensively in the media.   For more information, please see www.amazingcoaching.co.uk or www.howtoempoweryourstaff.co.uk


Enrichment speaker Lisa Phillips