I had the pleasure of being a guest on talkradio this week.  This is part of a new expert guest section which is held on a Friday and Saturday night on talkRadio.    The station is is a talk radio station broadcasting nationally in the United Kingdom. Based in London and owned by Wireless Group, a subsidiary of News Corp.,

The expert guest section isn’t until midnight so lets just say I did it in my PJ’s!   As someone who is often fast asleep by 10.30pm,  I did have to drink some extra coffee to stay awake!

Expert Guest on talkRado.

The presenter on the show was  Darryl Morris.  The expert guest slot is for 30 minutes which is a lovely amount of time to really get into my chosen topic – Building Confidence.

During this time I shared my expertise on the following topics:

  1. Why society has the wrong idea about confidence
  2. The idea that confidence is actually a personal preference – not a one size fits all.
  3. What stops people feeling confident
  4. Tips to build confidence from the inside out.
  5. People Pleasing.

Listeners to the show also rang up with several questions for me,  This enabled me to share my expertise and assist them on topics such as  interview confidence,  people pleasing and working with an inconsiderate boss.

I really enjoyed being an expert guest on talkRadio and the good news is that they have asked me back!

I am hoping to get a copy of the recording so will post it here as soon as it becomes available.

Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips

With over 22 years international experience,  Lisa Phillips is the author of The Confidence Coach.   Lisa provides Confidence Coaching all over the world and is currently based in Northamptonshire.      Her work as a Confidence expert is regularly featured in the media.    Lisa is also a trained Confidence TV Presenter and an inspiring guest speaker for several international cruise companies.

To find out more about Coaching with Lisa or to book her to speak at your event,  please contact her on [email protected] or use this contact form.