Do you have a fear of bad things happening to you in the future?  Do you always fear the worst case scenario?

I call this a foundation belief or shadow belief.    It is also a very common belief which I see regularly manifesting in different ways with my Life Coaching clients.   When left to its own devices, this belief can cause us to self sabotage attempts to allow good things into our lives.  It can also make us feel  fear and dread about all the terrible things that could go wrong in the future.   With this negative belief, we are closing down the  ability to create and receive wonderful things into our lives.   We have given up on expecting good things to happen and life to work out well. We have forgotten to trust the universe and our guidance.

 How this belief may be formed?

The negative belief that ‘ bad things can happen’ is often formed during childhood.   It is during these early informative years that we learn about life and become programmed with a set of both negative and positive beliefs.    If as a child, you were often told ‘ the world isn’t safe’ or ‘ something bad may happen’ than it is extremely likely you will have been infected with the same belief.

Even having a parent or guardian that constantly fears for your safety,  can build the belief that you are not safe and lead you to fear that something bad will happen.

The truth is this belief is just SPAM.  However, the more embedded it is in your mind and body, the more your default position in life is to expect bad things to happen.  Remember, you ARE what you HEAR.

Changing the Expectation

How would it be if you could start to expect good things to happen in your life?  How good would you feel expecting that things will always work out well for you?  That you are safe? How nice would it be to expect a constant flow of good things flowing towards you?   What if your mind and body could learn how to open up and receive the wellbeing you really desire?

The truth is, we were born to experience wellbeing in every area of our life.   We were born to thrive, not to struggle. You are meant to  create what you want and have what we want!   However, the fear of bad things happening literally stops good things flowing into our life.   I use inner child therapy to enable this to happen.  It is quick, simple and very effective.  Why not contact me to find out more?

Award Winning Confidence Coach and Life Coach

Currently based in Corby, Northants,    Lisa Phillips has over 22 years experience as an award winning Life Coach.  She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.    Lisa is also a Confidence  TV Presenter and her work features regularly in the media.     She is also a cruise ship speaker for P&O, Princess and Celebrity Cruises.

Lisa is also the current Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV.