In my 20 years working as a Professional Life Coach, I have discovered that nothing interferes so much with the ability to have a  healthy relationship as much as poor confidence, low self esteem feeling needy.

If you are always looking for a relationship to make you feel loved, loveable, worthy, attractive or special you are only going to end up in relationships that cause you to feel let down, frustrated and even more alone.

Feeling Needy in relationships is a bit of a warning sign to focus your energy on healing yourself, rather than trying to get your partner to  behave in a way that makes you feel good.

The reality is, you must respect yourself enough to insist on healthy relationships. 

Your Relationship with You is Key.

It is important to know that if you yourself do not have sufficient confidence in yourself or see yourself as a valuable and worthy human being,  then the chances are, that you will end up feeling needy in relationships.  As a result, you will be constantly be on the lookout for any sign, signal or word that gives you some assurance that your relationship is going to be ok.

Feeling Needy in Relationships

Traits such as neediness are often associated with negative beliefs such as believing you are not good enough, not worthy enough or loveable enough.  Feeling Needy is also associated with a shortage of love, trust and a fear of rejection or abandonment.

These wounded beliefs are often left dormant in our minds and body until somebody comes along and triggers them.  At this point, these beliefs take on a life of their own, rising to the surface and causing us upset and anxiety. When these wounds are triggered, we will often try as hard as we can to push them down or find something to cover them up, which gives us a feeling of relief for a short time. Therefore, whenever you find yourself feeling needy in a relationship, you are simply searching for a band aid to cover up your old wounds.

Searching for Approval in Relationships

Needy people are often searching for approval and attention from other people in order to feel good about themselves.  While in relationships, they are on the lookout for their partners words and actions to soothe their stressful feelings. However, when this doesn’t happen, they can easily become hurt, unreasonable and jealous.
If you find yourself becoming needy in relationships, then it may be time to clear some of your old negative beliefs and see yourself as the worthy, loveable and magnificent catch you really are!

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Based in Corby,  Northamptonshire area, Lisa Phillips provides Life Coaching, Confidence Coaching and Career Coaching.  She has over 20 years experience as a Life Coach.  Lisa is also a professional Guest Speaker on several cruise ships  and the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ – (Exile Publishing).

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