Do you feel safe in the world?

Many of us do not feel safe in the world.  Deep down, we fear that something bad will happen to us or our families. We may believe the world is not safe for us and worry that something bad will happen.  As a result, we may find ourselves frightened of the world and hold back from doing something we desire as it doesn’t feel safe to even try.  We can stop ourselves getting into a relationship, changing a career or even walking down the street as it doesn’t feel safe.

Where does this fear come from?

We may believe the world is not safe for us as a result of our  early programming.  Our family, hoping to keep us safe tell us the world is full of scary things. In order to keep us protected they may warn us not  to try new things, not go out in the dark or even that it is not safe to drive a car on the motorway! As a result of this programming, we quickly learn that the world is not safe.   We may also feel unsafe due to lacking security or consistency during our early years.  Unfortunately, many of us have received programming that people are not safe either!

Obviously,  we do have to have some common sense about life and protect ourselves from harmful people and situations.  However, if we struggle to feel safe in general, we are living in a state of ‘ survival’.  Survival is a state of fear and is opposite to a state of trust.

You can Feel Safe in Your Own Mind

Remember, this is a world of attraction.  What ever you feel, you will attract.  Therefore, if you don’t feel safe, life will  bring you more things to feel scared about.

However, what if you always believed you were safe and everything was going to be fine?

The good news is that you can learn to feel safe in your mind.  What if every time you felt unsafe you learned to soothe your fears? What if you could learn to treat yourself like a small child who didn’t feel safe?

You can actually choose to feel safe wherever you are. The good news is that the Law of Attraction will hear you and in response, you will be safe wherever you go.   It is about learning how to ‘ re-parent’ your inner child so that he or she always feels safe with YOU.

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