Do you focus on what you want or…..what you don’t want?

To assist you to train your thoughts in the right direction, lets use the simple analogy of two water wells.

The first well has no water in it.  It is filled with thoughts, people, situations and feelings about your past.  This well is overflowing with  pain, people who have hurt you, situations that didn’t work out and feelings that just don’t feel good.  Well one is an upstream well!

However, so many of us just keep focussing on this empty well.  We may ask questions such as:

  1. Why can’t this well give me what I want?
  2. If I keep trying, this well may be able to give me what I want.
  3.  This well is full of hurts and pains from the past.
  4. I am so angry at this well!

As a result, we are stuck in the past focussing on what we don’t want! Not only that, we are going to remain very thirsty if we keep on going back to this well as it has no water.  It is not a nourishing well!

Focussing on what we do want

Lets introduce a second well.   This well symbolises your future.  It is filled with everything you have been asking for.  The abundance you want, the relationship, the happiness and the joy ful life you are seeking.   This well is overflowing with water and it is waiting for you.

However, where are you focussing?  Are you still focussed on well one or are you moving your thoughts towards well two?

The moral of this little story is simple.  Even if the past didn’t bring you what you wanted and was filled with pain and hurt,  that doesn’t mean you cant move into a new reality.   All you need to do is let go of well one and train your thoughts to what is possible for you in well two.

International award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach

With over 23 years international experience, Lisa Phillips is a multi award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert.  Previouslyl based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa is now based in Corby, Northamptonshire.  She works with clients all over the world and is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book. 

Lisa appears regulary in the media and is a guest speaker for several international cruise lines.

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