Over my 23 years as a Life and Confidence Coach,  I commonly assist clients resolve their lack of focus on Healthy relationships.   This means holding yourself responsible for choosing healthy relationships over past unhealthy relationships and experiences.

When using the law of attraction, this also means focussing on who you wish to colloborate with in your life rather than the current reality.

Well One  v’s Well Two.

To illustrate the above,  lets think about two water wells or wishing wells.

Well One.

Well one is filled with your past relationships.   In Well one lives all the people who have hurt you, all your negative beliefs about relationships and your expectations about how poeople will treat you.

Well Two.

Well two is filled with healthy, emotionally available people who want to be with you!   These people ( who you may not believe yet exist!)  are able to meet your needs.  The are healthy, loving, kind and choose you!

Where is your focus?

Often our focus is stuck on well one.  We may try and extract our needs ( or water !) out of well one but it will just leave us under nourished and always thirsty!  Well one is filled with people who are unable to give us what we really want.    Often we spend so much time focussing on Well One than we forget to even contemplate what is available to us in Well two.

If we want to change our relationships,improve how we are treated or collaborate with healthier people,  we need to extract our focus from Well 1 and focus more on what Well two can give us.  We need to allow Well 2 people into our lives.

Focus on Healthy Relationships

If we can gently change our focus towards well 2,  we are learning to focus on what we want,  rather than what we don’t want.  The more we focus on what is available to us in Well 2,  the more this option will become our reality.   Can you start to feel how good your life would be if it was filled with Well 2 people and experiences!

The question is – are you willing to allow Well 2 into your life?  Can you allow yourself to have all the fabulous people and experiences that are waiting for you in Well 2 ?  Or are you stuck at Well 1 waiting for people  to change?

Northamptonshire Leading Life Coach and Confidence Coach

With over 23 years international experience,  Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach.   Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   Her work appears regulary in the media.      In addition to her coaching work,   Lisa is a popular guest speaker and workshop faciliator.

To find out more,   please contact Lisa Phillips at info@amazingcoaching.co.uk