I have been supporting my Life Coaching clients for over 22 years with inner child coaching. 

Although everyone is different,  it is so beneficial to learn to  support your own healing by learning to soothe and encourage your inner child.    Everyone of us has an inner child and it is our childlike personality which holds all of our outdated coping mechanisms, false beliefs and unmet needs.

During our early years,  our inner child is like a sponge,  readily absorbing what our environments and caretakers teach us and how they treat us.   Inner child wounds, or attachment wounds, can occur in childhood and may need some gentle repair.  Often our inner child is frightened and just doesn’t feel safe.

In adulthood, we have a chance to heal our wounded inner child and create the safe, secure inner  environments our little selves always wanted.   Occasionally, we need to educate our inner adult a little as well!

Soothing and Encouraging your Inner Child

One of the simplest ways to heal your inner child, is to give your little one what they may have missed out on when they were growing up.     For example,  if your inner child never felt listened too, or understood, then you as the adult must take the time to listen too and understand your inner child while validating their feelings.

Although it may sound a little scary, I promise you it is both a worthwhile and beautiful experience with massive positive impacts on your overall wellbeing.

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Inner Child Coaching with Lisa Phillips

Award winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips has supported thousands of people to heal and re-educate their inner child with love and kindness.

It is a quick yet transformational process which has her clients leaving behind old outdated ways of living and moving forward into the live they truly desire.   The leading life coach has over 22 years experience and has won several awards for her leading edge techniques.   Her work is featured regularly in the media and she is the current confidence expert on The Love Destination.

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