Would you like to learn How to Take Back Your Power?

Award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips, is the author of The Confidence Coach book.  The book includes chapters on Confidence building topics such as:

  1. How our early programming affects Confidence
  2. Career Confidence
  3. Relationship Confidence
  4. The impact of negative beliefs on our self esteem and confidence

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One of the most reviewed chapters from the book is the chapter on ‘ How to Take Back Your Power

The How to Take Back Your Power Chapter  contains  heaps of fun tips to help you take back your power  from other people, be more assertive and learn to stand up for yourself more!  If you are a people pleaser or avoid conflict, this chapter will help you!

As human beings, we give our power away. We put the needs of others in front of ours and take a backseat in our own lives.  When we do this, we put our choices and happiness in other peoples hands.

We can give our power away by:

  1. Allowing other people to make decisions for us
  2. Placing more importance on other peoples happiness, rather than our own happiness
  3. Failing to honour our own emotions
  4. Not valuing ourselves sufficiently
  5. Feeling obligated to look after people, say Yes to other peoples requests.

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With over 20 years professional experience as a Life Coach and Confidence Coach,  Lisa Phillips works with clients all around the globe.

Lisa provides Life Coaching, Confidence Coaching,  Career Coaching and interview coaching. 

Lisa appears regularly in the media sharing her expertise on Confidence, Self Esteem and all things self development related.